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General Conduct / Charter - [Updated: September 20th 2011]

  • 14-11-2007 10:31pm
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    Hi all..

    Welcome to the Carlow Forum! General rules apply here - please, try to get along. If you don't like someone, ignore them. If you have an issue with their post, please hit the "Report" button and one of the moderators will respond to your report. Please note that the General Rules apply and if you are new to we strongly suggest taking a read of the Newbies & FAQ forums

    In short please do not:
    • Make a comment without being able to back it up,
    • Attack the poster. Remember:- Attack the post. Not the poster.
    • please do not talk about violence to any other person or advocate it in anyway.
    • Talk using "txt spk".
    • Go off-topic / post about something unrelated. Got something to say? Keep to the topic and make sense.
    • Post full scale pictures in a topic. Either link to the image, or scale it down to thumbnail size (and link it to full scale, if you wish). Its a pain to read threads with pictures messing up the thread layout! (See "Note 1" for tips on how to re-size photos)
    • If you feel the need to go insulting the travelling community in Carlow, certain areas of Carlow, or certain people in Carlow (Add your own minorities to this list), whether it be using derogatory terms, insults, slurs, or the like, please expect a swift banning from the forum. We will notify you when your ban is to be up. (See "Note 2" for clarification)
    • Solicit for votes in any competition on the forum. Soliciting for votes in the forum will result in the thread being deleted and an infraction issued for the poster.
    • Bump threads that are older than 6 months aka "Zombie Threads"(See "Note 4" for clarification).
    • Post libelous material. Please be sensible in what you are writing. Remember that you could potentially put in legal trouble with every post so try and back up any rash claims and refrain from vicious gossip or libel.
    • Post any private phone numbers. Do not compromise the privacy of anyone by posting up private phone numbers or other sensitive personal information, bank details, email addresses etc. that are not in the public domain. Posts will be removed/edited and depending on the severity of the issue there may be further action taken by the moderators.
    • Question moderator actions on thread, if you have any issues with a moderators actions then please send them a PM. (See "Post #2" for clarification).

    All in all, common sense helps a lot. The above are guidelines - If you are acting out of what could be considered 'normal behavior', don't be surprised if you get a holiday from the forum.

    Carlow Forum Mods:-

    Cmod/South East Mods:-
    Captain Havoc
    Black Swan
    Mr Magnolia

    Happy Posting! Any questions, our PM Inbox is always open!

    Note 1:- Download & Install this Microsoft tool Image Re-sizer Powertoy.
    Right click the picture you want to re-size, and select "Resize Pictures". Select "Small (640x480)" from the new menu. You can now use the new image when displaying the picture.

    Note 2:- We understand that discussion of travellers can be a very touchy subject, which is why we ask for clam and common sense when posting. Terms such as pikeys, knackers, knick-knacks and the likes are deemed offensive and the use of such terms derail a thread into a bitch fest between anti-travellers and those defending them. The same is said to those who suggest that travellers should be all killed etc. To avoid this, we ask that when discussing them please just refer to them as "travellers" or "members of the travelling community". Discussion is not banned, but the use of stupid comments is banned. Thanks for your understanding.

    Note 3:- Posting pornographic images or linking to porn videos/pics is a site bannable offence.

    Note 4:- Please do not bump really old threads. If you are reading an old thread and wish to reply then please start a new thread along the same subject matter (feel free to link to the old thread if any background or reference is needed). Many of the users on the original thread might no longer be boardsies. Many of the points raised may no longer be relevant. The Carlow Forum stretches back for years and it's great to have the archive there but it's best to keep the old threads in the past.

    Note 5:- Any posts containing advertising will be deleted and the poster will have their access to this forum removed. If you wish to advertise on please contact

    Useful Links
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    Carlow Event Guide -> Link
    Where to? The help requests thread. Read post 1 before posting. -> Link
    Solicitors in Carlow -> Link


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    Querying a moderator's actions on thread is not permitted as it drags threads off topic. However there are a number of paths of appeal you can take. If you are unhappy with a moderator's actions then private message the moderator in question to query it. We won't bite.

    If you think a decision is out of line or incorrect please private message the moderator. This should be your first port of call for any complaints you have about us.
    If you remain unsatisfied with the answer you can take it up with their category moderator.
    If you remain unsatisfied after speaking to the category moderator you can use the feedback or dispute resolution or helpdesk forums.

    Feedback is for general complaints or issues.
    Dispute resolution is for more specific issues you might have with moderators / queries about bans etc.
    The relevant flowchart should guide you in the right direction.
    Note that moderators are normal posters outside of the forum(s) that they moderate and will be treated as such.

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    If you break any of the rules often enough or badly enough you are likely to be on the receiving end of a slap on the wrist from a mod. These tend to come in the form of a ban from the forum or an infraction.

    As moderators we will use our discretion when warning, banning or infracting posters.

    A warning from a mod may be issued on the thread you are posting on. It may also be sent via private message or by infracting a poster. Heed these warnings as they are given for a reason. If you wish to query an on thread warning please do so via a private message to the moderator. If private messaging a moderator to query a warning please do not abuse the moderator. We have a hard enough job here as it is.

    The infraction system works on a Red & Yellow card basis. If you receive a red card infraction it will be marked on your profile and will be always visible to yourself and all moderators. If you clock up many infractions you are likely to be site-banned or have your access very restricted.

    If your breach of the rules is acute enough you are likely to be banned for a set period of time. This means you will not be able to post in the forum you have been banned from.If you think a decision is out of line or incorrect please private message the moderator. This should be your first port of call for any complaints you have about us.
    If you remain unsatisfied with the answer you can take it up with their category moderator
    If you remain unsatisfied after speaking to the category moderator you can use the details in the post above to progress the issue further.

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