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18-10-2018, 00:11   #1
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Jamal Khashoggi killed in Saudi embassy.

I haven't seen a thread about this so I thought I'd post one.

Warning: the first link is pretty nasty.

Here's the latest from the guardian.

What's unexpected for me isn't the brutality and the nastiness of it all. I think it's horrible but Saudi is a horrible country and I kind of expect it. They are an absolute monarchy that rules by terror and oppression. But I'd only expect it inside the country.

What gets me is how they broke so many diplomatic norms. Normally these horrible places abuse their own citizens but they tend not to do it outside of their borders. When they do, they try their best to avoid tying it back to themselves and give themselves plausible deniability. In this case they couldn't care less.

It's also surprising how the west is responding to this and not responding to what saudi are doing in Yemen. I think it's because of the diplomatic consequences. It'd be nice to see the west stand up to them for once but I wonder how much will actually be done and if there will be any consequences. What do you guys think.
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18-10-2018, 00:38   #2
Herb Powell
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Trump would love so early to be able do the same, nothing will happen.
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18-10-2018, 00:44   #3
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All the hysteria about Salisbury, Russians and Novichok. Careful now we don't want to damage the arms sales to the Saudis. They might be horrible f*ckers, but they're OUR horrible f*ckers.......
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18-10-2018, 02:37   #4
nacho libre
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I am sure it was just rogue elements- that will be the least bad explanation America and the House of Saud will eventually come to in order to maintain their special relationship.
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18-10-2018, 02:45   #5
Pawwed Rig
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Originally Posted by Herb Powell View Post
Trump would love so early to be able do the same, nothing will happen.
But wouldn't which is the point of the thread. It shows an arrogance or lack of awareness that they did this in Turkey. Certainly a strange one but I cannot see any consequences for the country itself. 9/11 proved that noone would stand up to them.
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18-10-2018, 08:09   #6
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Western involvement in Yemen and Syria is dependent on influence from both Saudi Arabia and Israel. Both are anti Iran.

I’ve yet to see Yemen make the headlines.

Con Coughlin of the telegraph is generally seen as an official mouthpiece.

So nothing will happen.
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18-10-2018, 08:12   #7
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From what I can read of Coughlins piece he’s somehow convolutely blaming Qatar for this.

Edit. A few days ago Coughlin wants a war against Russia.

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18-10-2018, 08:37   #8
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US hypocrisy really is something to behold. I think the reported audios of torture and fingers being cut off is a subtle message to journalists not to push to hard with this story.
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18-10-2018, 09:22   #9
Elmer Blooker
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Its all going as expected. The G-7 nations have expressed "concern", the UN wants a "full inquiry" ..... the media will soon receive their instructions to ramp up even more anti-Russia hysteria and after a couple of weeks it will Khashoggi who?
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18-10-2018, 10:05   #10
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No outcry from the media.

It’s not Russia nor Iran. It’s those loveable Islamic extremists. The women hating beheaders.

The friends of the US and British establishments who like to lecture us all on human rights.
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18-10-2018, 10:35   #11
Hector Savage
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Sickening the way Trump is trying to downplay it, I would have expected him to at least have the courage to call it out.
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18-10-2018, 10:43   #12
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Originally Posted by Hector Savage View Post
Sickening the way Trump is trying to downplay it, I would have expected him to at least have the courage to call it out.
Money talks!
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18-10-2018, 11:00   #13
Hector Savage
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Originally Posted by tatranska View Post
Money talks!
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18-10-2018, 11:07   #14
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Horrible repulsive regime. When they’re not bombing and starving their neighbours in Yemen they’re funding Salafist Islam and terrorism over here. Utterly backed to the hilt by the US and Britain et al as well, which makes a total mockery of any pretence toward a “war on terror” or anything else.

This is about oil nothing else. It’s embarassing.
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18-10-2018, 11:10   #15
Mr. Incognito
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19 of the 24 hijackers of 911 were from Saudi

Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi Prince.

They own the republican party in america.

Nothing will happen.
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