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26-06-2017, 12:07   #1 Niamh Community Manager Niamh's Avatar
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Now Ye're Talking - to John Kavanagh

John Kavanagh is Ireland's first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Ireland's first MMA fighter in the cage and Ireland's first Coach of a UFC Champion.

Having trained as a mechanical engineer he decided to leave the engineering world behind him and pursue his passion for mixed martial arts.

John runs SBG Ireland, Ireland's first full time Martial Arts facility. It is home to UFC's Conor McGregor and a plethora of MMA superstars. Conor McGregor began training at SBG in 2008 under John. The journey John has been on has been incredible, and he'll be here on from the 27th - 29th June to answer your questions about it. He's been spotted around the MMA forum from time to time so he's well used to boards (and boardsies)!

We're opening up the AMA a day early so there will be some questions ready when he logs in tomorrow Thanks John!

As with all AMAs, you can ask anything but John is not under any obligation to answer everything. If your question or a similar question has already been asked and answered, he may not have time to answer yours too. Enjoy!
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What music/songs would you swear by to get psyched before a bout ?
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sally cinnamon89
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James Gallagher looked very impressive at the weekend, How far can the kid go?
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Favourite technique to see in an MMA fight?
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Really enjoyed your first book John; anything tentatively planned for the future?
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26-06-2017, 12:25   #6
Mr. CooL ICE
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With so many fighters fighting everywhere, often at multiple events on the same night, you can't possibly be everywhere. How do you go about delegating corner duties?
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After the Mayweather fight, if the decision was solely yours, would you have Conor fight for WW belt, Defend LW (against who?) or give Max another go at FW?
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What do you think of Ido Portal?
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connemara man
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How quickly is MMA growing in Ireland? Do the MMA community find it annoying that McGregor doesn't get the recognition that he deserves?
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Hi John thanks for taking time out to talk to us Also I really enjoyed your book Win or Learn, it was really interesting reading about starting out in a shed and then the gym rising to what it is today.

Do you think Conor will return to UFC after fighting Floyd?

Any up and comers in your gym worth keeping an eye out for in the future?
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Are there any young Irish MMA fighters worth keeping an eye out for over the next few years? I would love to see another Irishman rise through a division like Conor did at 145.

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john, after reading your book i was really impressed with your description of the fixed and growth mindset and how you related it to your coaching. being a primary school teacher, it is so great to be able to show my class how an irish person they know of can reach the apex of their field by working hard and being willing to adapt and learn. i love when training in bjj the lack of ego it brings, when trying to motivate a class you have, how would you go about getting them to accept failure and letting it go??
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Which current ufc fighter (not part of team sbg) do you find most exciting to watch fight ?
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26-06-2017, 13:32   #14
Paully D
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Hi John, thanks for doing this.

Impressive win for James Gallagher at the weekend, but one of the main criticisms labelled at James is that he imitates Conor McGregor outside the cage far too much and he is not being himself or original.

While it is only natural that he would look up to a teammate he has seen rise through the ranks from a young age, do you feel that this perception will impact on his ability to capture the imagination of the fans like Conor did? You look at the likes of Paddy, Ais, Cathal - all did their own thing but were and still are extremely popular.

It in a way it feels like James is not getting the credit he deserves nor the support from the public that a young kid with his record and accomplishments to date deserves, seemingly almost entirely because it feels he is not being natural or himself. I am admittedly guilty of it myself.

Can you comment on this as a whole?

Thanks John.
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Why so fighty?
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