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10-08-2014, 22:56   #1
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The Snow Lovers Appreciation Society Winter 2014/15 #MOD NOTE #1

I predict alot of snow this winter- starting in November.

Originally Posted by pistolpetes11 View Post
I would like to remind people to look over the forum charter as we enter what I like to call silly season on this forum .

Welcome to the forum and thanks for visiting!

This forum is for all who are interested in meteorology and those who wish to learn about and discuss weather events which are current, historical, local or global.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while posting on this forum:

1. Please refrain from direct personal attacks on any person whether they are members of or not.

2. Everyone is entitled to post and has equal rights whether they are weather experts or complete newbies.

3. If you wish you to challenge someone's views (on the topic of weather) then please question the post, do not just attack poster.

4. Stay on topic.

5. No trolling/goading posts which serve only to aggravate other users.

5.1 Calling People Snow Bunnies will fall into this Category

6. No advertising or spamming.

7. If you have a problem with a post then report it.

8. No duplicate accounts (Breach of site rules)

9. In-thread discussion of a moderator's actions, whether it's an action taken against you or another member is not permitted as it drags the discussion off topic - it almost always leads to a ban.

If you are unhappy with a moderator's actions then private message the moderator in question to query it. This should be your first port of call for any complaints you have about moderation.

If you remain unsatisfied with the answer you can take it up with a category moderator.
Our category moderators are currently Black Swan;Dónal

If you remain unsatisfied after speaking to the category moderator you can use the Feedback, Helpdesk or Dispute Resolution forums as appropriate.

Feedback is for general comments, suggestions, and a place to air your opinion on how the site is being run and what you find good or bad.
Helpdesk is for more specific issues you might have with moderators
Please read the relevant charter carefully before posting in either Feedback or the Helpdesk

If you have received an infraction or ban, please follow the Dispute resolution procedure

Note that moderators are normal posters outside of the forum(s) that they moderate and will be treated as such.

10. Signature Rules
Please follow the above link to view full list of rules.

Enjoy the forum everyone and have fun!

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10-08-2014, 23:13   #4
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Too soon
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10-08-2014, 23:26   #5
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Originally Posted by km79 View Post
Too soon
Never too soon.

Last years winter thread was created on the 11/8. I have been waiting to see who will get there first.

It is kind of scary that this appeared so close to the same date.

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10-08-2014, 23:26   #6
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Seriously, it's a definite i know it.
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10-08-2014, 23:32   #7
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Delivery confirmation for your snow machine came through? Good man.
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10-08-2014, 23:58   #8
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Ok then, everyone that doubts my prediction pays 20 euro in November when there is a blanket of snow across the country
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11-08-2014, 00:12   #9
elecktras weather bomb
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Originally Posted by Scrappychimow View Post
I predict alot of snow this winter- starting in November.
well there is a definite chill in the air at night already,and leaves starting to fall off the neighbours trees into our garden.once its not a snizzle fest il settle for a few good frosts even and few raging storms.
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11-08-2014, 00:20   #10
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I read that the El Niño likelihood this year has been down graded. El Niño years have been associated with greater chances of snow - I think! Does this hold up for Ireland?
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11-08-2014, 00:25   #11
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We've barely had a flake of snow here since Winter 2010, I get the feeling we will get a bit more lucky this winter.
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11-08-2014, 00:28   #12
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Not that it means anything as it's not winter yet. But it's a bit cold for August....
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11-08-2014, 00:32   #13
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Negative Arctic Oscillation
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11-08-2014, 08:15   #14
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I predict a riot (if the Cork snow dome occurs again this winter)
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11-08-2014, 08:26   #15
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Well according to this.....

you just might be right.
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