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25-07-2020, 21:44   #1
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Does anyone else put their hand on the windscreen when driving through loose chipping

I now live in the UK and did it yesterday when driving through some loose chippings with a friend from the UK.
He asked me what I was doing and I said I'd always done it as everyone did it when I was a child in Ireland.
He thought I was mad as he'd never heard of it.

Maybe I am mad. Do other people do this or was it some piseog rural people in Ireland had 40 or 50 years ago or does it actually work in somehow absorbing the shock from the stone chipping hitting the windscreen?
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25-07-2020, 21:51   #2
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Of course. How else would you stop the windscreen from shattering?

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25-07-2020, 21:52   #3
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Ya i always do it and have often wondered why
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25-07-2020, 21:55   #4
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My granny used to do this as a passenger. She never drove in her life. It used to drive me cracked (ironically) when she'd leave fingerprints on the windscreen.
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25-07-2020, 21:58   #5
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A bit like the Wally’s that hung CDs on their rear view mirrors in a futile attempt to fool radar. It doesn’t work at all.
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25-07-2020, 21:58   #6
Savage muc
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I have a dozen tiny cracks on my windshield so maybe I should.
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25-07-2020, 22:01   #7
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my dad used to do this, and now i do it too. who knows if its works or not, but gives me a certain level of comfort.

dad knows best
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25-07-2020, 22:05   #8
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Originally Posted by EmmetSpiceland View Post
Of course. How else would stop the windscreen from shattering?
The days when windscreens shattered are long since gone.
All windscreens are laminated these days, they crack, not shatter.

But even on safety glass (which windscreens used to be made of and all other car glass still is) applying extra pressure won't stop it shattering if you hit it the wrong way.
Safety glass is under so much tension and so strong you can hit it with the flat side of a hammer and it won't break. But apply the force at a small point (or near the edge) and it just breaks into tiny bits in a fraction of a second...hand on it or not.

It's called safety glass because the tiny bits won't kill you like ordinary window glass shards would.
It's also called toughened glass I said, it's tough as f%ck
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25-07-2020, 22:12   #9
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A smashed windscreen doesn't affect my no-claims-bonus (19 years and counting), so no, I'd prefer to concentrate on the road, rather than on the windscreen. I do remember people doing that years ago though.
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25-07-2020, 22:14   #10
Capt'n Midnight
Capt'n Midnight's Avatar
If your car was first registered on or after 1st January 1986 the windscreen is made of laminated glass so you won't need to put the hand up.
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25-07-2020, 22:20   #11
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Originally Posted by Capt'n Midnight View Post
If your car was first registered on or after 1st January 1986 the windscreen is made of laminated glass so you won't need to put the hand up.
1986!!!! So my whole family have been doing this for 34 years without having too.... 34 years..... How did we miss that friggen memo?
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25-07-2020, 22:26   #12
peasant's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 16,620
If you look at toughened glass (the rear screen in this pic) through polarised sunglasses, you can actually see the quench marks on the glass.
The quenching introduces the tension that makes it so tough.

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25-07-2020, 22:37   #13
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I prefer to keep them on the steering wheel
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25-07-2020, 22:44   #14
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I actually still do it. But only if a car in travelling towards my on loose chipping. But if its an old wives tale so be it. I can see the amusing side of it
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25-07-2020, 22:48   #15
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Used to see this all the time but I haven't seen anyone doing for for probably 20+ years.

I think road maintenance has also evolved, I haven't experienced loose chippings flying everywhere on a R or higher category road for years. I think they are still used but compacted immediately and with remaining loose stones hoovered up by specialist machines? Could be all wrong about that though.
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