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18-04-2019, 21:49   #31
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Originally Posted by Irexit View Post
Are you saying Prof Ray Bates is wrong ?

O noes!!! He can't be wrong, he's a proffessor!!!

The majority of scientific opinion says he's wrong.
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18-04-2019, 21:50   #32
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Why not campaign for research into the 'holy grail' of energy i.e. cold nuclear fusion, instead?
A clean and limitless energy source, compared to carbon.

Think it's China that holds the current record for containing (not easy) reactor plasma (100seconds),
France is planning the world's largest site in Provence, but the 1st experiment is not expected until 2025.

Also, future population control will directly assist in extinction prevention,
they could campaign for a educational leaflet or condom airdrop over Africa & the Middle East
where many countries are seeing natural 2-4% population growth, per annum.
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18-04-2019, 22:03   #33
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Originally Posted by RHJ View Post
Whether you like it or not, people that live in towns and cities have on average a lower carbon footprint than those who live in the countryside (only a small percentage of those living in rural locations are farmers all work in the industry).

The type of trees. I would like to see planted are traditional native trees that wouldn't be harvested an opportunity I could see the sum living in some living in rural Ireland would be maintaining public pathways and tracks through the newly planted forests. Others could set up their own tourism businesses such as campsites. I also like the idea one of the ideas from Andrew Yang, who is currently running for president in the US, he suggests paying people to move from rural locations into towns and cities. His focus is more on jobs, though another idea that I like would be to give a universal income whose land has new forestry planted on it.
We cant keep piling people into cites. We already have a housing crisis. If we replace farms with trees we increase importing food from abroad, higher carbon footprint.

I dont disagree that rural people have a higher carbon footprint than urban. Thats bad planning.

Clusters in towns with electric rail links would be the way to go of course.
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19-04-2019, 00:06   #34
Atlantic Dawn
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Why do these climate change wafflers always believe there is time to fix things? If there was no time to fix things they would have zero soapbox to perform on.
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19-04-2019, 03:26   #35
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Nebulous, leaderless and aimless groups like this and the Occupy Movement are destined to fade away after the initial 'shares and likes'.
I'd like if this could come to something but it'll be the usual minority professional protester class with noserings and knitted beards.
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19-04-2019, 04:01   #36
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its awful strange that there is an existential crisis facing every generation.

almost as if it suits some people's mentalities to have a cause celebre to lecture everyone else about and grab some attention for themselves

ive no problem with addressing inefficient energy, consumption, waste etc and am fine with higher taxes to do so.

but a gang of self appointed morally superior wretches blocking the town as a form of public footstamping tantrum is hole-sickening display.

and the youth of the country are as distractable, shallow and clueless as the youth has always been. theres zero reason to take direction from them on this or any other matter. theyll get a vote in their own time and are free to make their own lifestyle changes in the meantime, sams as anybody else.

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19-04-2019, 08:31   #37
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One of the leaders of "Extinction Rebellion" will be giving a public talk at the Science Gallery next week - details here.
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19-04-2019, 08:44   #38
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Originally Posted by Atlantic Dawn View Post
Why do these climate change wafflers always believe there is time to fix things? If there was no time to fix things they would have zero soapbox to perform on.
What's to fix?
The Antarctic glaciers are melting. There are volcanoes under the Antarctic.

How do you stop an active volcano from melting the glaciers above it?
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19-04-2019, 08:48   #39
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Originally Posted by Odhinn View Post
...they are peaceful protests...annoying ones if you get caught in the traffic but peaceful nonetheless.
Peaceful or a non peaceful protest still cause the same problems for everyone else bar the Gardai and the Gardai still have to have a riot squad on standby regardless. Arresting one non violent person requires the same resources if not more than a violent protester, as most violent protesters will walk when arrested, so non violence is a massive problem for policing.

So this is disrupting people's lives for something which isn't going to be changed by blocking roads. The only way to get change is at the ballot box but most of the parties advocating change won't enter government so they are useless.
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19-04-2019, 09:01   #40
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Unfortunately Africa & Asia have to right to enjoy the luxuries afforded to the west and that's the future source of extra emissions

we have done some things by recycling, lower emissions appliance and transportation extra carbon taxes on top of already high taxation will push more back to poverty
however there's a good argument for us to go nuclear
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19-04-2019, 09:23   #41
Moderation is the key.
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Originally Posted by jasper100 View Post
Won't work. A farm support a family, and families support rural communities.

Planting trees on farms mean the land is planted by outside contractors and ignored for 20 years, bar the odd pruning by outside contractors. Farming families are on the land every day spending money locally and supporting the community.

How about they level all the housing estates and plant trees there instead?

Eventually the sun will burn out and the human race will be extinct. Human induced global warming merely shortens the road to extinction. May as well enjoy it while we can.
A good place to start would be if Coillte stopped planted sitka spruce and began planting native trees.
Sitka is an absolute environmental disaster. Bog land was ploughed to plant them which released carbon, the trees themselves leave the soil useless for growing anything else afterwards, the clear felling (using heavy machinery) causes acidic sediment to drain into lakes and rivers.
Bio-diversity is out the window.

Then there is Coillte's overuse of pesticides - if the bees continue to die at current rates we are all extinct.

It's short sighted thinking with making a fast profit the only concern and damn the consequences to the environment.
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19-04-2019, 15:33   #42
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Originally Posted by Bannasidhe View Post
A good place to start would be if Coillte stopped planted sitka spruce and began planting native trees.
Agree, the lowest broadleaf coverage % for any European country (other than some tiny island states).

Even the uk (with x10 the population) has a huge array of parklands, forests and green spaces.
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19-04-2019, 15:36   #43
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I'll only support it if they start gluing themselves to things.

The irony of using a product derived from animal carcasses to make a point about the environment by people who most likely champion animal right as well.
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19-04-2019, 16:00   #44
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Let them have a petting session with the ngarda dog unit
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19-04-2019, 17:00   #45
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Any plans to make this an overnight session like in London?
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