Hello everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend and didn't gorge yourselves too much on chocolate! There's plenty happening across the site at the moment, so let's get straight into it.

If you've cast your mouse cursor over the Topics menu of late, you may have spotted that it's changed a little. A new Subscriber Area has been added, grouping together the various Subscriber subforums. This Subscriber Area houses the revamped Sex & Sexuality forum, which is now willing to play the field a little Anyone who has been on the site three months, kept a relatively clean record, and has a minimum of 100 posts to their name can request access to this forum.

The Motors forum is also changing things up. The Buying subforum can now be used for selling as well. If you have an advert on a car selling site, it can be posted on the Buying forum to get some exposure for your car sale too. Read the general rules around this change here.

One new forum that's gone from strength to strength since its inception is the Forum Games forum. It's occasionally branched away from games of Werewolf, but that is its bread and butter at the moment. One member of the forum will soon represent their cohorts as part of the Mafia Championship, an annual online tournament series that pits representatives from various forum Mafia (aka Werewolf) communities against one another (as andy125 so eloquently put it). It's a bit late to come out as a Werewolf prodigy to earn the spot as that representative, but you can register your interest for future games.

Something that's always great to see is a meetup within a community or forum. The Destiny forum is giving people plenty of time to get their planners in order. Already, the groundwork is being put into a meetup that could take place in August! Meanwhile, the LGBT forum looks set to meet on May 20th, though details are being fleshed out here.

It's not quite a beers (and not a Boards event as such), but some members of the Fighting Game forum will be sure to turn up to support moderator Doctor Doom's efforts as he helps put on the Tekken UK (and Ireland!) Tournament series. If you're a Tekken fan, this is sure to be an interesting event, as you'll get hands-on time with Tekken 7 ahead of its release.

We'd also like to highlight the efforts of some other community members. If you're doing exams this year, you may find An File's mega thread of Irish grammar and phrases very useful. Over in Cycling, Alek is gearing up to everest Ticknock, a 200km journey involving 34 repeats over the course of a day. You can keep tabs on their training and find out how to support or call them mad here.

A contribution that gained plenty of traction on social media was detones' cycling tips for commuters (especially in Dublin). With the days getting brighter and warmer, more people might be tempted to hop onto the bike, so it'll be good to have a read of the thread to prepare yourself for what's out there and to educate yourself.

We'd also like to congratulate DangerMouse27, a long-standing member of the Creative Writing forum, who published an e-book. You can download it from Amazon and maybe you'll see more from this particular author in the future.

It's been an interesting and varied few weeks for the AMA forum. We've had our most popular to date thanks to an Irish escort, as well as a different kind of education thanks to a Head of Department in an Institute of Technology. Then there was an interesting AMA with an Inline Hockey Player, which provided us with some insight into the sport. And now we have an AMA with a Boardsie who is climbing to Everest Base Camp and answering questions as he travels.

While many sporting seasons are coming to an end, the Aussie Rules league has only just gotten underway. While not the biggest sport on this side of the world (spectator wise), you'll find a community of people with a shared interest over in the Aussie Rules Football forum. Or maybe you'll find a new sport to follow!

That's it for this month. If there's anything that you'd like covered in future updates or you have some news from a forum, please drop me a Private Message. Thanks for reading!