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It hit the south quite badly. I was working in Limerick at the time. Massive ancient trees were torn up, roofs tore up... there was widespread damage. A tree fell through the house I was staying in and it tore apart a lot of the outside structures.
The thing was that Storm Darwin became a nowcast with met Eireann only highlighting it as an orange event in some areas as sheds were being torn apart and trees were coming down completely blocking roads around here for miles.

Livestock were electrocuted and died from fallen electricity lines in fields. Some animals were caught in sheds as roofs were blown off.

All this sounds crazy but at the height of the storm here at around 1.00 PM in the day the postman turned up. I tried to get him to stay and shelter but he decided to go on and only narrowly avoided being flattened by an avenue where many trees were felled by the strength of the wind in minutes.

The other thing I remember was I had moved a high sided trailer to the side of the house with twelve bags of cement in it. At the peak of the storm - this was rocking up off its wheels. It was very fortunate that more lives weren't lost imo.