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Over the weekend, Ireland took to the polls and repealed the 8th Amendment. It's been a divisive topic and one that's spawned plenty of discussion...as well as countless reported posts. We'd like to thank all the Mods for their efforts over the past few months as debate became more and more heated. While the modding of any of these threads is tricky, we do have to make special mention of the After Hours Mods who've been flooded with Reported Posts and threads with thousands of posts on the topic.

With the summer weather arriving, Boardsies are getting out and getting active. The Athletics / Running forum has launched its 2018 edition of the Dublin City Marathon Mentored Novice thread. This is sure to be a valuable resource for those tackling the marathon for the first time, offering support, advice and encouragement along the way. If you're interested in signing up, training plans commence on June 25th, though you will need to be running a few times a week comfortably by that time so it's best to get started immediately!

There's a couple of different stories from the Cycling forum. First up is DirkVoodoo's "positive cancer story," which he's titled "All the Gorey Details." After undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma and taking on the road to recovery, he decided to treat himself to the Gorey 3-Day. It sounds like a challenging ordeal, but DirkVoodoo has a great write-up that's well worth the read.

He wasn't the only cyclist putting their body through its paces. NamelessPhil recently completed a Super Randonnee, an incredible 617km cycle over 60 hours! The Strava stats are pretty incredible, while her post having completed it lists off a couple of other interesting tidbits! Well done to both!

If you feel like getting out on the bike, the Cycling forum is discussing Evil 2018, which will take place over the June Bank Holiday weekend. The 200+ km route features 15-17 climbs and some incredible scenery to take in along the way.

The Golf forum was in Dundrum recently and is already looking towards its next outing. On June 16th, the Boards Golf Society will head for Mitchelstown, and I'm sure they're hoping that this fine weather greets them when they tee off.

The Golf Society also released an updated Order of Merit League Table for Golfer of the Year, so people know exactly what they need to do to move up the rankings.

There was a feel good story over in After Hours of late as greenpilot took his son to a football match for the first time in their lives. Some entertaining updates were provided before, during, and after the game. It looks like it'll be the first of many games, which is great to see. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to snag any merchandise after the game, but it looks like Sligo Rovers might sort them out!

Meanwhile, the Premier League season may have wrapped up, but there's still discussion to be had in the Fantasy Sports Arena forum as Fantasy Premier League players review how their team went this season and what they learned along the way. A few more months and it'll begin all over again.

It's a busy time of year for the Sports forums. In Rugby, the Pro14 has just wrapped up with Leinster completing the double. And very soon we'll have the Ireland vs Australia series to discuss, debate and analyse in great detail. The Rugby forum will be the place to be over those weekends.

On the other side of the world, the Basketball season is entering the business phase with the playoffs well under way. You can follow and get involved with the discussion right here.

And those interested in American Football are currently voting on potential rule changes for the 2018 season. If you haven't gotten involved in previous leagues, maybe next year could be your year!

It's not all sport to cover though. Over in the Films forum, the community is looking to restart the forum film club. Good Time was the first film chosen to be discussed, so if you have Netflix, you're looking for something to watch, and you want to discuss it afterwards, check out this thread. The second iteration will soon follow.

One Boardsie recently launched a free mobile game called Rocket Loop, in which you try to use a planet's gravity to build up momentum and launch your rocket to the next planet in the chain. Easy to get into, but harder to master, and a one finger game, so it's definitely one to check out for the commute home (assuming you get public transport!).

Taking advantage of the fine weather, greenpilot spent an hour at Knock airport, captured some footage, and made a short film while he was there. It's an enjoyable watch, especially if you're an aviation enthusiast.

The Forum Games forum has representatives taking part in The Mafia Championship over on MafiaUniverse. The season will feature a number of qualifying games, followed by a finale to determine The Internet's Best Forum Mafia Player. Here's hoping Necrominus and sKeith can bring the title back to Boards.ie.

The Sailing & Boating forum has been the home of another extensive project over the last few years, which will come to a close very soon. sogood has been working on a refurbishment of their Microplus, posting updates and pictures along the way. After a long journey, it's almost ready for water! Hopefully they enjoy their maiden voyage. You can read about the full project and see the work-in-progress pictures here: https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/show...p?t=2056816573

That's it for this update! Hope you're taking advantage of the good weather! And maybe keep one eye on the Weather forum so you're aware of how long summer is going to last