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13-02-2020, 11:20   #61
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Originally Posted by ReginaldSmythV View Post
It’s always been done so I just do it. I know it’s great these days to scoff at everything but I leave all that yawn aside as it makes the Mrs happy, which is top of the list.
Well that's genuine and really sweet. Yeah I could never not give my parents presents on mother's day and father's day, even if those are days cooked up by Hallmark.

The cynicism though about V day is the way people can feel forced to comply with it - as experienced by some guys here.
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13-02-2020, 11:22   #62
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Originally Posted by Doctors room ghost View Post
I do empty the dishwasher that day.
Might even make herself a mugeen of tea if I’m passing by the kettle.
Now that's adorable.
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13-02-2020, 11:26   #63
Princess Calla
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Originally Posted by Harleen Quinzel View Post
I always get them a card and bake little cupcakes.
Always makes them smile.
Ah that's really cute!
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13-02-2020, 11:27   #64
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I think most couples eventually end up ignoring it, I know we do because neither of us likes it. It seems a lot less competitive than it used to be though, probably a lot few people can afford the expense that they used to. It's a great filler day for retailers between Christmas and Easter, the only other filler day they get is St Patrick's Day. TBH, I think people could make the effort with it for the first Valentine's day that they're a couple.
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13-02-2020, 11:30   #65
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Originally Posted by Princess Calla View Post
Does anyone find getting cards for your children abit odd?

I worked with a lovely guy years ago, but at valentines he'd mention he'd get a card for his wife and daughter. The daughter was a young teenager at the time. I've long since left so no idea if he still does it. I thought it was abit strange.

I would never have expected a card off my dad.
My late Dad used to buy all 4 of us girls cards and sign them "Guess Who" or something else similar and mail them to each of us. We all knew it was him and maybe it was a bit cringy when we were teenagers but it is now a fond memory of him now that he is gone. He did stop when we were older and we had boyfriends.
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13-02-2020, 11:42   #66
El_Duderino 09
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Originally Posted by Raconteuse View Post
How insecure would a woman have to be to force her man to comply with Valentine's.
I’d genuinely hate that. What’s the point if you’re forced to do it.

Compelled love. Sounds like living with Fritzel.
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13-02-2020, 11:43   #67
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Originally Posted by Permabear II View Post
I'll be getting her a card, flowers, chocolates, and a gift. She always gets me something too. I think most people in relationships who get nothing whatsoever for Valentine's day end up secretly disappointed. "I don't do Valentine's day" is often a cover for being cheap or not giving a toss.
Depends on the person really. I don't care for Valentine's, but I'm not cheap. If I'm with someone, I'll regularly buy them thoughtful things and pay my way or more. If they like Valentine's, I'll happily go along with it and buy them a gift.

I just don't care for it personally. I'd be pleasantly surprised with a card!
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13-02-2020, 11:43   #68
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Originally Posted by Cee-Jay-Cee View Post
He’s just a miserable tight arse. Dump him before he makes you even more miserable. No doubt the cünt doesn’t birthdays either.
I don't do Christmas or Valentine's, and I hate birthday presents, giving or receiving. Trying to sort a bday present at the mo for a lady I was seeing recently, and it's a massive pain in the hoop. Not a particularly miserable cünt though.
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13-02-2020, 11:43   #69
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It’s not something that I have any strong feelings on one way or the other. I never expect a thing but at the same time if he bought me flowers they would be very much appreciated. Similarly if the day came and went without a mention or a card I wouldn’t care. It’s one of those “it’s Valentine’s Day today”, “oh is it?” *rushed smooch* “anyway it’s your turn to take the bins out bye have a nice day”, kind of holidays.
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13-02-2020, 11:45   #70
Tacitus Kilgore
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Originally Posted by Raconteuse View Post

Ah lads don't put up with that shyte.

To be fair to my better half (much better tbf) I would never do anything for any occasion if it wasn't for her, I used to forget my own birthday until she came along. Probably would have a strained relationship with everyone if it wasn't for her. So I guess a card and a bit of chocolate won't kill me
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13-02-2020, 11:47   #71
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Not pushed about it. Might go out for a nice dinner the day after as we chose it for an anniversary date since i can't remember dates
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13-02-2020, 11:49   #72
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I used to work in a big department store and on Valentine's there was non stop deliveries of roses and chocolates to the women as they worked. Actually delivering flowers to someone as they're serving customers. I mean tons of this. The staff room would be filled. It was so cringey. I would have been mortified if my fella had done that but thankfully he knew me better than that.

My partner does nice things for me all the time. Everyday. Not embarrassing empty gestures. Just daily loveliness.

My parents are not at all the romantic types. They would never have even given cards but after being misdiagnosed and very sick for a long time , my dad had a heart attack and they realised it was heart trouble all along rather than the terrifying illness they thought. He had a double bypass one Valentine's Day and he got his life back after that. He had his heart fixed on Valentine's Day so now every Valentine's they mark the day in a small way.
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13-02-2020, 11:51   #73
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I'm female and I do like a card but generally don't do presents.
May get himself gig tickets this year though because there's an affordable gig coming up by a band he really likes and he's been under a lot of pressure recently.
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13-02-2020, 12:06   #74
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We usually go out for a nice dinner a few days before or after, but that's about it. Sometimes he gets me flowers. We've never done presents and all that though, don't think there's any need. It annoys me when guys say they 'don't do it' when their partner is clearly into it, you don't have to go over the top, just go on a nice date or something.
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13-02-2020, 12:08   #75
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Ah folks there are some little stories here that are just warming my heart.

I'm of the "don't need to force it on a set date" mindset, and I hear so many men saying "I have to do something for Valentine's Day or I'm in trouble" which is just so wrong and contrived.

But these individual personal meanings attached to the day are lovely.
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