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View Poll Results: Should nuts be banned in schools?
Yes - they should be banned 201 50.76%
No - the school, children and parents should accomodate 175 44.19%
Don't know 20 5.05%
Voters: 396. You may not vote on this poll

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09-10-2019, 17:59   #1
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Should nuts in school be banned for the small % who have "nut allergies"

What is the general consensus on this. IMO, I find it bizarre that the rest of the school population has to accommodate an extremely small % of kids who have an alleged nut allergy. One of the few things we can give kids that are healthy and they enjoy are being banned.

Do the schools ask for a confirmation from their doctor before they ask the rest of school population what to not feed their children? I have my suspicions that alot of these allergies are self diagnosed or the parents have been to some quack that did an online course.

What do these parents do when their kids are outside of school or go to summer camp, for a walk. Will the whole world bend to their needs?
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09-10-2019, 18:04   #2
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Why wouldn't you?
A nut allergy can be a very serious thing, and kids can do stupid stuff...
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09-10-2019, 18:06   #3
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Ok, dealing with this as genuine and not a poor effort at trolling.

Yes. Your child's desire for nuts is lovely, but does that give them the right to endanger the lives of other children?Children eat in classrooms where they are in exceptionally close contact (if your child ever had the misfortune to pick up nits, you'd realize just how close the contact is. They eat at their desks, so cross contamination for nuts and other allergies is huge.

I've seen a child use a lip balm with nut traces go from their normal selves to gasping for breath, swollen so much their eyes were closing and turning blue. Epi-pens aren't just handed out to randomers. they are prescription only and as well as being expensive, have a short shelf life. I think your attitude in the post above is dreadful.
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09-10-2019, 18:08   #4
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In the words of a very wise man...."the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"

But it would be irresponsible and yes.

Or else put all allergic kids into one school.
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09-10-2019, 18:08   #5
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Imagine being so far up your own hole to think that your preference for nuts is above someone who could have a fatal attack due to being allergic...
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09-10-2019, 18:08   #6
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I don’t think I ever ate nuts during my schooling. Sure the odd “Tracker” bar or “Snickers” but if it meant some kid wouldn’t die in front of me I’m fairly sure I could have gone without.
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09-10-2019, 18:12   #8
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Have tbh here but I never gave my kids nuts when they were small, not because of any allergy of other kids. It was simply because I didn't trust them not to choke on them. Couldn't expect a teacher to keep an eye on twenty/ thirty little kids. Just wanted to lessen their odds of dying in school. ;-)
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09-10-2019, 18:13   #9
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I thought when you said banning nuts from school you were referring to crazy people, was wondering who was going to teach the kids?
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09-10-2019, 18:13   #10
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Not a huge sacrifice to make, in fairness. Unless you're a squirrel.
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09-10-2019, 18:14   #11
Atlantic Dawn
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So no Snickers bars allowed for lunch, it's a disgrace Joe.
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09-10-2019, 18:14   #12
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What about people who are deadly allergic to bee stings? Should the schools not have flowers?
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09-10-2019, 18:15   #13
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I to have seen the affects of a selfish parent thinking the ban on nut products didn’t Apply To them. The child in question went to deaths door in a matter of minutes and this was only from minimal contact with someone who had been eating nuts. The teacher had an epi pen as did the child in her school bag. A very scary thing to see a child not being able to breathe.
The other parent it turns out had been told a number of times and criminal proceedings were threatened in the end, this was after the school sent all parents a letter from crumlin hospital stating the severity of this child condition.
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09-10-2019, 18:19   #14
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Seems the general consensus is ‘have a bit of regard for the health and safety of other people’s children’, OP.

Go figure...
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09-10-2019, 18:19   #15
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Originally Posted by the_syco View Post
What about people who are deadly allergic to bee stings? Should the schools not have flowers?
Bees are not generally on the desks where children are sitting. And children with bee allergies are far rarer. During the summer term, an SNA or yard duty teacher may well carry the epi-pen for that child.
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