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I was drinking in one of the pubs where the Guinness is always good and this discussion came up, one of the regulars there told me that the Guinness lorry driver told him that this pub is the only pub in the locality that gets regular deliveries of Guinness and there is one pub that he hadn't delivered to in about 2 years.
Wholesalers. Not everyone buys from Diageo. My local back home buys all their kegs from one place - elderly couple who ran it until they passed away would not have been interested in the admin of dealing with Diageo, C&C and Heineken Ireland for an extremely limited volume of kegs. Their son runs it remotely now trusting a long-term barwoman to manage day to day and she has a hell of a lot to do so the same advantage would apply.

You're talking about a clearly rural area, its probably the exact same. One person to call for kegs, one invoice = much easier for a small pub.

As for what happens to waste in James Gate - down the drains.