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30-03-2007, 21:02   #31
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I've been fascinated with the place ever since I was a child, and holidayed down in Dunmore East. When I was 17 or so (and had access to a car) I started visiting Hook Head, which I still do a few times a year, and I always stop to just look at Loftus Hall. A friend in work visited the house when it was a hotel and the lady who lived there gave him and his fiancee tea and coffee and scones and didnt charge them - she just wanted the company.

Nowadays the place looks derelict. I've seen a jeep up outside the house before though, and I've seen lights on so I assume someone is still sorta half minding it.
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08-04-2007, 20:39   #32
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I was passing by there today the plac on the wall has been took down for some strange reason.
The gardens have all been done too theres no more grass.

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09-04-2007, 10:34   #33
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Sounds like its gonna be developed ... must put the feelers out.
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09-04-2007, 13:14   #34
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Originally Posted by 6th
Sounds like its gonna be developed ... must put the feelers out.
Indeed!! It would be sweet if we could get a group down there.
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22-04-2007, 14:21   #35
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me & my friends went in there last week to make a video, we took lotsa great pictures, when i do up my website i'll put up a link if anyone wants to see them? the videos will be on youtube once we've edited them!
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14-05-2007, 12:00   #36
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Originally Posted by bloodcanticle
me & my friends went in there last week to make a video, we took lotsa great pictures, when i do up my website i'll put up a link if anyone wants to see them? the videos will be on youtube once we've edited them!
I actually heard about that, any chance we could get a look at the vids/pics?
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21-05-2007, 17:02   #37
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the story reminds me a lot of the hellfire club up the top of the dublin mountains,apparently it was a pub years ago where two men had a card game with the devil and somehow it ended with him burning down the club(cant remember all the story) anyway,people go up there all the time saying its haunted by a nun for some reason,(someone really needs to correct me on the stories and goings on,everything about it confuses me). Turns out two idiots burnt the pub down while they were drunk to see what hell felt like,still supposed to be haunted though.
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28-06-2007, 04:07   #38
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I was there at half one this morning.(I looked it up in the search engine and found this)

Anyway we went into the property and got into the original Loftus Hall with the holes and stains and all which was freaky.There was a sign in there that said welcome visitors even though it was the derelict part.We walked around the back of the property and took a look.Then we went up to the building and up to the front door and I swear there was someone in the bush.We pegged it out through the farm and back to the cars.
We're going back tomorrow but yeah myself and a friend are sure we saw something coming up off the roof as we were approaching the place but it was way too big to be a bird.


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28-06-2007, 09:17   #39
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Are you going to take a camera tonight?
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02-07-2007, 20:22   #40
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Originally Posted by Mahatma coat
Man if you think it looks cool form the outside you should see it inside. its absolutley fckn amazin, marble fireplaces in every room, even the bathrooms, coupled with a ducted heating system, the central grand italian marble staircase is breathtaking, the sculptures and paintings collected oer centuries, and it used to be a guesthouse for a while so it has a huge bar and resturaunt area, Actulay about ten to fifteen years ago one of the Bikerclubs in the area had their anual bash there, twas feckin brilliant, then theres the card room where the Quarefella himself is supposed to have shot through the ceiling after being caught out by some priestybloke, there's a stain in exactly the same spot on the ceiling in the room above and one appears in the floor under it, actualy if your lookin at the building from the front you may be able to see the section of tiles that 'they keep havin to replace' its about 5M in from the lefthandside and up about 2M (guestimate but its around there)

the gardens had gotten into a fair state of disrepair the last time I was there but care was still being take for the interior, God knows what its like now tho!

there are quite a few ghoststories about the place, when I get home tonight I'll have a spliff focus the aul head and try to get some of them down.

ah u do realise thats not the first loftus hall u see today! the old loftus was knocked down years and years ago and he present on built on the ground. so i find it hard to believe that the stains in the roof exists from where "the devil was suppose to of went through" in the present building
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03-07-2007, 10:36   #41
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Passed the place by yesterday, and its in the saddest state Ive ever seen it. The entire ground floor is boarded up, the grounds are overgrown, it looks pretty derelict. Sad to see it fall into such a poor state. Looks like it might be let fall down altogether., nobody seems to be doing anything with it. Pity.
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06-07-2007, 00:17   #42
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Okay, allow me to clear some things up about the Hall.

First off, there is indeed someone living there. Furthermore the hall is actually listed, under a Mrs Devereux, in the phonebook (at least up to a few years back when I was researching the place). The phone does ring, but nobody answers...

Secondly, there is definitely electricity in the main building. I have been down there and I have seen lights on (in the daytime, suggesting they were automatic perhaps).

Finally, the urban legend of the devil playing cards was, according the accounts written in the 19th century, a cover story actually invented by the Tottenham family themselves. Apparently young Ann, a lonely sort you see, became so smitten with a young man who took up a brief residence in the original hall, that she descended into some sort of unseemly madness once the young man departed. The family apparently saw fit to then present a cover story - however silly it sounds - to draw attention away from the unfortunate Ann's lustful loopiness!

Or so the story goes.

The point most people seem to miss is that the devil and the card game story is NOT the haunting that is associated with the place (as the silly RTE docudrama suggested) but rather the real story was the haunting of the hall by Ann Tottenham herself.

As to the validity of the stories, well, who can say. But there is some interesting accounts written of the alleged haunting that do detail with some intelligence a catalogue of apparent eye witness testimony to strange goings on in the hall.

Yes, it has now been re-built. And few stories, if any, seem to have emerged from the new building. I have yet to track down any interesting sources on this front, but they may be out there.

I heard a few years back that the hall was going to be developed for tourist purposes but that has now fallen by the wayside I fear (perhaps something to do with the fact that the grisly child-rapist, Father Fortune, had attacked some of his victims in the hall in the 1980's in a sleepover).

One thing is for sure, if you visit Hook Head and enquire in the lighthouse info point about the hall, you will immediately be given a frostier reception than if you were to suggest you have a bomb strapped around you waist!

The locals, for reasons perhaps best know to themselves, do not like to talk about it...
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14-08-2007, 03:23   #43
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The original building on the site was constructed by the Redmond family in 1350... The Loftus family obtained the property in (wait for it) 1666
However the version of the building that stands today was built between 1880& 1881.

The Ghost Story

Charles Tottenham and his family came to live in the mansion in the middle of the 18th century. According to Rick Whelan's film version of the story, the date was July 1762.

The story of the house is that one cold, rainy night the family of the house were sitting in the parlour playing card games. During the game they heard a knock on the front door. A man on horseback was at the door and asked them if he could stay the night in their house because of the bad weather outside. He was invited in to play cards with the family and preceded to do so. It is said that during the game, one of the daughters of the family (who was about 18 at the time) dropped a card under the table. As she bent down to pick it up she saw the man's feet, which apparently resembled hooves.

It is said that the girl screamed and the man went up through the roof in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a large hole. A rumour states that the hole could never be properly repaired, and even to this day, there is still a certain part of the ceiling which is slightly different then the rest. The family called on Father Thomas Broaders (a Catholic priest) to exorcise the house. Fr. Broaders later became parish priest of the surrounding area.

Father Broaders' gravestone exists today and on it is written, "Here lies the body of Thomas Broaders, who did good and prayed for all, and who banished the devil from Loftus Hall".

Its arguably one of the most eerie places I have ever visited (which include Auchwitz and the Wallachia & Transylvanian regions of Romania (where Vlad III aka Dracula had reigned in the 15th Cnt).

The last time I was in the area, my father & I decided we would take a nosey around the building as it has always fascinated us... we walked up along the adjacent field and climbed over a small wall that led to the courtyard to the front of the mansion. The windows all had timber shutters on the inside but several had slight openings in them. Around the back there is a dilapidated caravan (possibly there for the past decade or two), but one of the most striking things about it was the view over the beach and the channel between hook and Dunmore. (****ing picturesque )

we heard viscous barking from dogs we could swear were within close distance... this barking grew louder and fearing we were about to be attacked we decided to run, at this point it seemed like the barking was just feet away but yet there was no sight of any dogs... quite freaked out we made it back to the road where we had the car parked, we were then approached by a middle aged lady in a car who claimed to be the owner of the property and threatened to call the guards, accusing us of smashing windows and damaging the place, my father (54) then apologised for trespassing saying we had no knowledge of anyone living there... to which she replied "well that’s the sad part about it, there is"

About a year later my cousin was telling me that him and sum m8's had went down there 1 evening.... without mentioning my experience of the place he went on to speak of the abandoned caravan and "some dogs were running at us but couldn’t see them".... that fact alone freaks me out
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14-08-2007, 03:51   #44
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A few of us went up there last year , absolutely **** meself it was about 11 at night and we parked down the road because we knew we were tresspassing so we went in through fields and over a hedge and up next to it . It was the most eery experience i have felt in my life anyhow we were only there about 10 mins when the gates on the front swung open and a car approached at speed up the drive , We fckin legged it lol .. I was absolutely ****tin it now felt like a 10 year old again.. This place has a light on but has a caretaker watching it accross the road . I am 100% sure there is nobody inside as why would they chain the fckin gate lol... Is she a prisoner .. This man warned us anyhow that he would call the gardai if we did not leave .. At this stage im thinkin thats great we have got at least 40 mins b4 they arrive down that far Lol .. Anyhow i understood we were tresspassin and did not argue and just left

But for anyone who wants to get an adreniline buzz go down in pitch dark and have a look around it will frighten the **** out of u no matter how hard u think u are .. An amazing structure which would be ideal for murder mystery weekends or Haunted Weekends away .. Its a pity it is not open for viewing anymore as it is an amazingly interesting buliding

U can see it clearly from Dunmore in Co Waterford , I always point it out no matter who i am with
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14-08-2007, 13:37   #45
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Has anyone ever seen dogs around the back of loftus hall or even hear barking from them????
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