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Thank You SSF

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    Hi Guys
    I wanted to post a big THANK YOU to everyone who is involved with the Santa Strike Force from my my little son Liam and the rest of the family.

    We just came back from a weekend in Barretstown where we had a blast. You see Liam is 5 years old and has a very aggressive form of arthritis throughout his body in multiple joints . We were accepted into Barretstown for a family weekend and had a blast.

    The big thank you is for your work to open the Lego room on site. We spent quite some time in here building ships (both pirate and space) and lots of other things. As we took in all the fun i noticed that the room was set up with help from you guys. I have been a member on for 10 years or so and the site always springs up a surpise or two and this is one of them.

    I never thought I would have a child who needed continuous medical care for a serious condition - this really minor thing was such a massive help to not only Liam but the other families over the past weekend so again as it bring such happiness from something so simple.

    You really made a difference.............

    THANK YOU from a little boy who got time with his family doing something that brought him a massive amount of enjoyment.