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Requesting feedback for a game jam demo.

  • 08-04-2015 4:03pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3,823 ✭✭✭ Torakx

    Hey folks :)
    Some friends of mine have a top down shooter demo, made for a 1 month game jam.
    I said I would see if I can find some testers for feedback, as they are unsure on the level it is at already and if it's worth continuing as a comercial idea or just move on and keep learning with new ideas.
    Heres the link to the game, it's on my friends portfolio site.

    Any feedback here, I can also relay over to them. I am curious myself what others think.
    Thanks :)


  • I'll take a look this evening If I get a chance, good luck with it!

    It's feedback Friday on r/gameDev on reddit, you should post it up there too

  • Thanks :)
    And for the Reddit tip. I never really used that site. Only when it came upon google searches for coding issues.
    I'l see if I can register today and post something :)
    Now I know why I haven't joined that site.I find that sites theme makes it near impossible to read text. I have issues with numbers and letters visually and that background/theme does not help lol
    It's like my eyes won't hold to the text ^^ You can see here on boards the border between posts. That really helps me to read.
    Maybe too much going on visually, or not enough contrast. I might give that one a miss :(
    My friends can join if they need the feedback that much hehe.
    Thanks for the tip though.

  • You could try if it helps :D keeps you in the right frame of mind too :D

  • Oh god, that is a nightmare hahaha
    That is why I stopped coding and switched to art instead :P