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Third party discussion thread.



  • Well, it's taken 6 weeks but Citizen Stack finally arrived from Uncle Billy in China.
    Final cost inc. delivery was €150 and there was no import duty, so I got lucky there.

    I've only taken a few rough pictures at the moment...

    First impressions - He is HUGE. The transformation is very nice and the piece feels solid but a bit light. (Actually, he's not light at all but he looks like he should weigh more)
    The truck mode is really nice and scales great with MP-10 and the MP cars.

    As a robot, he feels solid and is very poseable but is a little loose around the hips, unfortunately. This is the first run and apparently there were fixes made for version 2 and that the first run customers will be able to get the joint fixes. Don't get me wrong, he stands just fine - my main gripe is that I've seen a V2 doing the Optimus prime high kick and there's no way that this guy can do that.
    The head is way to thin which has been a standard complaint and I might get the SXS replacement which have a bit more character.
    Size-wise, he completely overshadows MP-10 but he scales really well with MP-1 and MP-5. And I have MP Ultra Magnus pre-ordered to go with MP-10 (although, he looks like a boxy, blocky mess at the moment).

    Overall, I am very happy with Stack. I know there is murder online regarding the differences between V1 and V2 and some people who were delighted with him now feel like he's useless because a slightly updated version came out. I can understand some of it - but this is the guy I saw reviewed and decided to buy. He's still that same figure even if a newer version is out and he is still really, really good.

  • AxlF wrote: »
    d some people who were delighted with him now feel like he's useless because a slightly updated version came out.

    Personally, i prefer the colour blocking on the first version. The red inside the feet on the second one just throws it off, imo.

    ..and i did know it's big, but it even makes MP1 look smallish.

  • FutureGuy wrote: »

    Also, it's pretty much certain they are making all 5 "Iron Dibots :-D"

    Line art for Sever (Snarl) surfaced today, in case anyone missed it. I guess that means their answer to Sludge March next year.

  • Just received and installed the Javaco Whirl kit from shapeways. I have the Voyager Whirl In my BBTS pile of loot and he'll look good with the Wreckers I have but he's not IDW enough.
    Javaco had been working on this for months and I was happy to be an early purchaser.
    This used Tomahawk as a base. Dismantling him took hours and nearly cost me all the sensations in three fingers but once he was opened up the shapeways kit went on easily.
    Now, I'm taking a rest and then I'll start painting soon.

  • Interesting. Does he transform?

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  • He does indeed, into a nifty VTOL aircraft. And he comes with a Great sword which he acquired recently in MTMTE.

    He's in the painting process at the moment so I can't get any pics but I'll update when complete.

  • Here's a couple of shots. I'll probably get rid of the cockpit panel lines, didn't work out like I hoped.

  • Just received this guy today.
    He is Gauntlet from Mech Ideas - their tribute to Ironfist from the unbelievable Last Stand of the Wreckers.
    His bot mode looks great and really captures Nick Roche's look and style. The alt-mode looks a little stumpy but, again, is true to the few panels that it appears on in the comic.
    Transformation is pretty straight forward and clips together nicely. The gun has several mount and the roof cannons can be removed.


    This version is a special release via third party customizers Renderform. They have made him look bashed up including dirt, rust and raised bullet holes. Most importantly, it includes the head wound that is Ironfist's dominant feature.

    The original version is really nice too and very reasonable (for a third party figure) at 30 dollars. Also in the mould, Mech Ideas have released Piston, who is their version of IDWs Crankcase.


    (Thanks for the photos/reviews)

    That IS War Gauntlet, right? In which case i'm guessing it cost you a bit more than the $30 you're talking about.

  • Oops, my bad - uploaded the wrong file from postimage. I'll fix that later.
    Yeah, this is the War version from Renderform and cost me $60 + shipping. I think there were 200 released and each one is slightly different.
    I had been waiting on the $30 original for a long time but when this was announced for BotCon I made it a priority to track him down online.
    I actually had both the original Gauntlet and Piston preordered even though I wasn't crazy about Piston. I was more than happy to cancel that order for this guy.

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  • Hey,
    Just following up on Citizen Stack.
    There was an online kerfuffle about Ver 2 having more solid joints and so KFC released a new set of joints to all Ver 1 buyers. I received them a little while ago and put them in.
    They are pointless.
    Maybe over the extended life of the toy they would make a difference but for the initial impact, they are not worth the hassle of installation. His knees now Click instead of Clunk. No extra strength or support - with his waist and shoulders still being a slight issue, although, I have figured out his karate kick positioning.

    However I also got the SXS head and that is great. It has made a huge improvement to the one thing I was unhappy with - his stupid skinny head.

    The new head comes with a selection of faces, beautiful light-piping and the optional use of his shades/visor.
    It also comes with a red version for the diaclone version that KFC have announced/released.

    SXS, KFC, SXS Diaclone
    Skinny original head
    Light piping
    Size comparison with MP Grimlock
    Prime Face w/shades on

  • AxlF wrote: »
    Here's a couple of shots. I'll probably get rid of the cockpit panel lines, didn't work out like I hoped.

    Very nice Paint Job!

  • MarkHall wrote: »
    Very nice Paint Job!

    Thanks but you obviously didn't read the slamming I got on TFW for "ruining" the figure. In fairness, it's very messy when compared to the professionals over there but I was happy enough. And it's a learning process.

  • I think it works.
    Whirl isn't suppose to be tidy.

    Also if you're happy with it. Then who gives too tosses!
    It's how I paint my wargaming stuff.

  • MarkHall wrote: »
    I think it works.
    Whirl isn't suppose to be tidy.

    Also if you're happy with it. Then who gives too tosses!
    It's how I paint my wargaming stuff.

    You know what... Cheers.
    I appreciate that.
    That's was exactly what I was thinking when i painted him.
    I can do tidy (relatively) - [URL="[url=][img][/img][/url]"][/url]5458123617_c0d820a118_z.jpg This was an MP Skywarp - way before Hasbro decided to do Sunstorm.

    But yeah, I thought Whirl should be really rough and the 3D material is already rough.
    Also, I wanted to just recreate his opening scene in MTMTE with him torturing the Sweeps to remain sane and these colours match that scene.

  • Have you ever tried an Airbrush.

    I find it's very effective on bigger figures.
    And a lot of fun to use.

    How many sweeps do you have?

  • MarkHall wrote: »
    Have you ever tried an Airbrush.

    I find it's very effective on bigger figures.
    And a lot of fun to use.

    How many sweeps do you have?

    Never airbrushed - I thought it'd be too expensive and tempting for my kids to play with. I don't paint enough to justify it. I know full well that it would be great to use though.

    I have 1 Henkai Scourge, 3 Sweeps and photoshop :P
    Love that mould.
    I have Generations Ratbat and am trying to get a Devcon to further the set.

  • There's on that appears in Lidl semi regularly. That's not a bank breaker. And accepts better nozzles.


    I think I shall be getting these for the current combiner wars line. I love a big meaty hand with Fingers.

    Plus MINIGUNS!


  • I saw those Perfect Effect hands and feet before. A vast improvement to the stock accessories.

    I'm kind of on the fence with the Combiner Wars stuff. Part of the reason was the hands and feet of the combiner. Just awful. Made the whole thing look cheap. These though really help with the overall vibe of the Combiner. Great stuff. The transforming gun option is a bit over kill, but they still look better than the stock weapons.

    But I'm still on the fence with the Combiner Wars stuff. I can't get past the malnourished thighs and elongated arms of the combiner :pac:

  • I'm quite happy with Alpha Bravo and Dragstrip.

    My main quibble with the Jets is the fact that the arms are Visible in Alt mode.
    At least Alpha Bravo hide his with Missiles.

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  • Here's KFCs Not Blaster.
    He is stunning - pure and simple.
    I love the metallic red, it matches the metallic navy on Soundwave perfectly.
    The transformation is tricky - probably overly so - but clicks and holds very well.
    He comes with 2 heads, I've used the comic book head for 2 reasons. 1 it has more character IMO and 2 I've had this print on my wall for years and Blaster was the last piece I needed.
    Posing is great, he feels solid and secure.
    He also came with Eject which is a good little tape. He is entirely made of screws though, with about 20 visible on his back - however his robot mode is incredibly poseable.

    The bad points.
    The white, cartoon face. It's wobbly and it's SO white it's like a Japanese Kabuki face. It looks a little dead-eyed to me.
    The metallic paint. Most people seem to dislike it and want G1 flat red. To me it was a major factor in deciding but it's not for everyone.
    The paint quality - yup, it chips. there are 2 or 3 points that chip for lots of people, including me. They're not very obvious but they are there when you look. Eject's white parts feel like they've just been dunked into a tin of Dulux emulsion and haven't quite cured yet.
    The transformation - I'm the only person I know that this has happened to but some have said that they avoided it by seeing my pictures - at the feet there are delicate tabs, one of which snapped on me during the first transformation. This has rendered the boombox incomplete as the handle does not combine properly.
    Omegalock have been in touch with KFC and a replacement part is on the way - so that's all working itself out and I've no complaints about the overall QC or the customer service from either company.

    Overall, despite breaking and chipping, I still really, really like this guy. That's saying something.