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The Tremonti Project

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    A thread dedicated to Mark Tremonti's awesome solo project

    Tremonti consist of

    Mark Tremonti – lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar
    Eric Friedman – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
    Garrett Whitlock – drums
    Wolfgang Van Halen - bass guitar, backing vocals

    Debut album, released July 17th 2012

    All I Was tracklisting

    1. Leave It Alone
    2. So You're Afraid
    3. Wish You Well
    4. Brains
    5. The Things I've Seen
    6. You Waste Your Time
    7. New Way Out
    8. Giving Up
    9. Proof
    10. All I Was
    11. Doesn't Matter
    12. Decay

    2nd Tremonti album is in the works