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The Tremonti Project

  • 17-02-2014 8:47pm
    Registered Users Posts: 48,736 ✭✭✭✭ Lithium93_

    A thread dedicated to Mark Tremonti's awesome solo project

    Tremonti consist of

    Mark Tremonti – lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar
    Eric Friedman – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
    Garrett Whitlock – drums
    Wolfgang Van Halen - bass guitar, backing vocals

    Debut album, released July 17th 2012

    All I Was tracklisting

    1. Leave It Alone
    2. So You're Afraid
    3. Wish You Well
    4. Brains
    5. The Things I've Seen
    6. You Waste Your Time
    7. New Way Out
    8. Giving Up
    9. Proof
    10. All I Was
    11. Doesn't Matter
    12. Decay

    2nd Tremonti album is in the works



  • Hopefully Wolfgang is too busy recording a new album with his first band. :)

  • If anything i think Wolfgang will be juggling both bands, similar to how Myles juggles Alter Bridge with Slash,

  • This album was soundtrack while driving across Canada... Absolutely brilliant.

    In his own way, probably as good a singer as miles too (not technically).

  • Another band I met in 2012 when they toured with Slash. I remember asking Wolfgang for a guitar pick and he mentioned he'd given them all away...Mark gave me one though, he even had his son there during the interview (which was slightly odd) as the son was playing with toys in the dressing room as we were chatting.

  • Cannot wait for this. I absolutely loved the first one! :D

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  • *Tremonti Project Update via TheAlterBridgeNation*
    Mark Tremonti: "Another T‪‎remonti Project‬ writing session begins tomorrow!"


  • Ace+Ventura+Showboat.+Ace+Ventura+at+the+Loony+Bin_d77286_3518117.gif

  • Via Mark Tremonti: "Writing for Tremonti 2 picks back up tomorrow - Time to dig up some old favorites!"



  • 10438165_10202614789880557_2804914417593057169_n.jpg?oh=4df1f7cafdd4baa929210166571c7e29&oe=54C24E59&__gda__=1418087247_5f46cdc71ed673e83c166cc032626d3e

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  • Big news via Garrett Whitlock! tracking for the new #Tremonti record is officially complete. 20 songs.I used the force.


  • 1380224_10152826616749521_4305151363227714596_n.jpg?oh=66b40558943850c92469e8d62a02fd10&oe=54DBAC7A&__gda__=1425133637_aea988e3f32645ce717932a1cfb9ee70

  • As of October 27th, the bass tracks for the new Tremonti album have been done & dusted.
    Update via Mark: "Bass tracking is officially done! @WolfVanHalen Erock and I are up next.

    Also, 20 songs were recorded, Mark when asked about the new album on Twitter
    Not really sure yet, probably 12. The other 8 will be released individually.

  • Rhythm guitars are in the can


  • Solos for the new Tremonti album are being tracked


  • Can't wait for this album. The first one was amazing!!!

  • Progress chart for the new Tremonti Project album


  • Saw this $1500 to be a VIP for life includes admission to any Tremonti headline show, Now if only I had money to throw away :p

  • Via Elvis: "@kthomas1028 printing and documenting the first mix on Mark Tremonti's new album:) sounds stupendous!"

    1st mix of the New Tremonti Project album being mixed down


  • Tremonti Project hitting the road in the new year, will post more tour dates as they become available.

    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 02, 2015
    Shiprocked 2015 - Norwegian Pearl

    SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 2015
    Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville - METROPOLITAN PARK

    SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015
    Rock on the Range 2015 - Crew Stadium

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  • Via Wolfgang Van Halen's Instagram
    And with that last note, BVs are officially complete. Looks like we're done here... This has been such a great experience. Very happy to have been a part of this



  • Excellent!!! :D

  • Coming 2015 :D, This is going to be heavier than All I Was.

  • Saw that on Facebook earlier. I hope it's not a lot heavier. That said I'll buy it anyway. :o

  • 20 songs, this album is gonna be freaking amazing

  • 20?!

    Are they all going to be on it or is it 20 that they have to whittle down to 10-12?

  • Well it says in the sneak peek - Be one of the first to hear all 20 tracks from Tremonti album II, i'd hazard a guess at 14 songs on the album (depending on song length), and the other 6 to be released as B-Sides.

  • Sweet!!

    Excited now :D

  • You would imagine a good bet they play Download.

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  • It could be a possibility, though obviously that'll hinge on various factors, I think if i remember correctly Alter Bridge are touring in the summer, and you have to factor in that Slash will be on the road in 2015. So a Tremonti headline run would be i'm guessing late 2015/early 2016 the earliest or when both Alter Bridge and Slash have their quiet period.

    I don't know how the respective management teams can work stuff like this out so far ahead of time, just thinking about it makes my head hurt.