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A few queries about the keyboard

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    Hey, so I came into a pretty decent keyboard a couple of months ago and I bought myself a teach-yourself book and have been tipping away with it.
    Now I know nothing about playing instrument and I don't think my progress has been too good, I have 5 or 6 chords down handy and my right hand stuff is very stop and start-y.
    A bit of my problem is that I prefer the piano to the keyboard and in fact I think the rhythm thing in the keyboard sounds pretty cheap and trashy a lot of the time and not just when I play it- I do love the right hand stuff though.
    So what's the deal with the keyboard in relation to the piano? Is what you learn on the keyboard transferable to the piano? Would it be worth getting lessons in the keyboard? How long does it take to get a bit of skill in it?
    Thank you :)


  • I bought a big weighted keyboard 2 years ago thinking I was going to really get into it. Even though it has weighted keys, I still prefer the raw sound to the piano. I haven't played it that much.

    Since it's easier for me to motivate myself to get better on guitar, I mainly stick to that. As long as I'm progressing at music in general, that's enough for me