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PSU - Buy adaptors or bite the bullet

  • 26-06-2014 9:06am
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    Hey guys

    Recently spent a shed load of money on a new gaming rig.
    Got fairly distracted but starting building it up and got it working to a degree.

    Ran into the issue where the bloody PSU i bought doesn't have a single PCI-E cable on it.
    Now I bought the computer case which came bundled with a 500W PSU. In my rush of buying it I didn't even think to check what cables came with it :(

    Apline 500W PSU
    24 pin; 4 Pin (12V); 2 x Sata; 3 x 4 pin; 1 x FDD

    So at the moment it goes like this the
    2 sata cables are used by the SSD and HDD
    1 4 pin for the 6PCI-e to molex adaptor which came with the GPU

    Now the options of continuing with this seem bleak and as i write this I'm siding more with the stop being an idiot and get a proper PSU.
    Here are the peripheral pieces which I'm using on the computer.

    -- EVGA GeForce GTX 760 1072MHz 2GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI SuperClocked w/ ACX Cooler
    -- Intel 240GB 730 Series SATA 6Gb/s 2.5" Solid State Drive
    -- Seagate 1TB Barracuda SATA 6Gb/s 64MB 7200RPM Hard Drive
    -- Samsung 24x SH-224DB DVD-RW SATA OEM

    So sorry for the jumbled post but to summarise
    1a: Is it worth buying adaptors to the 2 remaining 4 pin molex to try and power this computer up.
    1b: If i do go the route of buying the adaptors am i risking the PSU either supplying too much or too little juice to the peripheral pieces

    2: If you guys had to buy a PSU to fit these needs , which one would you buy (amazon preferably ) ? Obviously the cheaper the better but I've been stung by going cheap so it's not as high a priority as it was before.


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    You have some nice components and have a very poor psu.Don't waste money on adapters for that psu.Get a better brand as cheap ones can blow and take out your nice and shiny new parts.

    The corsair builder series are good for the money (Amazon stock them).

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    Yeah when i was picking the pieces I just bought the case cause i liked the look of it was going with a red/black theme :/

    Just looking at the PSU's on amazon and most seem to only have either a 6 pin PCI or a 6+2. Just wondering if you or anyone out there knows of a specific model which comes with both?

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    That alpine PSU is absolutely garbage. Attempt to run a card off that and the supply will probably burst into flames.

    In my eyes, a decent 'cheap' psu is around the 35-40 euro mark. Those Alpine PSU's are literally about 13 euro.

    This one is good.

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    ha !

    Ended up buying Corsair CX750 Builder Series CX 750W ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Bronze PSU.
    Seems to be mid range and has more than what i need.

    Thanks for all the help :)

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    Pages wrote: »
    ha !

    Ended up buying Corsair CX750 Builder Series CX 750W ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Bronze PSU.
    Seems to be mid range and has more than what i need.

    Thanks for all the help :)

    Total overkill to be honest - sledgehammer to crack a nut type thing (I'd say your system will draw about 350-380w under 100% load), but better that than another piece of junk :)

    You should get a tenner for your old power supply on :D

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    Edit your order to a 500 or 550w and save a few quid