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Announcement/Forum Mod

  • 22-01-2014 10:52am
    Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators Posts: 42,404 mod Beruthiel

    Firstly Sarky is stepping down and from what I can see, karlhs last post on Boards was 24-05-2013.

    So, this place is dead, do you want to keep it going?

    If so, do you want to take on the Modship* and turn this place around?


    Just because you volunteer, doesn't mean we will pick you.

    Just because I asked for volunteers, doesn't mean we'll pick any of you.

    I'm just shaking the apple tree to see what falls out.

    What we look for in a Mod:

    Cop on.
    At least half a functioning brain.
    Cop on.
    A calm and cool attitude in the face of idiot argumentative users.
    Cop on.


  • Its legends of the boards.
    Think it suits you best Beruthiel;):D

  • If you're trying to suggest I Mod this place Mr. KoolKid, I'll pass. :p

  • There may be some good wine in it for you. :)

  • The lack of use suggests it has outlived its original purpose and its taking up space for little benefit, which suggests it should be closed.


    1) Why not re-cycle it and offer it as a ready made home to the most deserving forum request from the list


    2) As a home for several of the minor requests for forums ie they don't warrant a forum on their own, but as a joint venture several might thrive in a partnership, with a bit of tolerance and communication on all sides.

    edit - it also strikes me that turning around a forum so dead is not that appealing for a potential mod, but modding a new joint venture with several different focal points would be quite appealing

  • Is it not a case that at this stage, the very things that made a user a legend in the past, get them banned now? Imho I dont see this forum getting too many more statues in its garden.

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  • I'll take it, if nobody else wants it. :)

  • I will also throw my hat in the ring if the position is still available.

    Sadly "An File" that means that you and I must inevitably do battle. Perhaps a poetry-off would be appropriate?

  • A poetry battle for power
    T'would make lesser mods tremble and cower
    They each give a verse
    We decide whose not worst
    The whole thing done in under an hour

  • Me.

    Please? :(

  • If given this most honourable vocation I will not only bring this forum back to life but also bring fresh enthusiasm and ideas. This
    Forum has a bright future.

    For remembering all legends past and present.
    They deserve are appreciation.

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  • is this the longest job interview on record?