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***Match Thread*** TUE JUL 9 20:15 WES1 Grant Thornton

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    Need to collect points in this game

    Derek - out
    Cathal - in
    Ciaran -
    Collie - in
    Damian - in
    Darren - inj
    Dave - in
    Gar - inj
    Jules - inj

    Keith - in
    Wes - inj
    Derek Mc - in
    Craig - in
    Liam - out
    Paddy - in
    Marsen - inj



  • I'm in

  • In

  • Hi Des,
    I wont be there Derek McD.
    Best of luck guys

  • im in also my mate stephen isnt injured anymore and can come, might be able to get another lad as well since were low on numbers the past 2 weeks

  • I'll be there

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  • What was that - 5-1 loss in the end?
    Really thought we played alright - don't think we deserved to lose by that much.

  • Mousewar wrote: »
    What was that - 5-1 loss in the end?
    Really thought we played alright - don't think we deserved to lose by that much.
    I agree with that.

    I thought we could have taken chances had we made them but far too many times balls were passed wide, then wider - or there misplaced passes.

    Games like that where we struggle for numbers and have gaps plugged all over the pitch though, I take positives from it.

    If the lads who came to give a dig out wanted a shot at the team full time, I'd be more than happy based on what we saw tonight.

    Nice play and lead up to the goal.

  • From what i saw last night we were the better team for the majority of the game bar maybe the last 15 minutes when we got a bit leggy.

    I can't stress how many chances we missed there were numerous where we really could have been 3-0 up before they scored.

    It was a good performance considering so many people had been out, but honestly unless we start to take those chances games are going to go out of reach, they took theres well, I don't remember keith having to make a save, 5 shots 5 goals, in contrast we squandered chance after chance.

  • I could have done better for their 3rd, but expected the guy to square it and he toe poked it.

    But you're right, they had 2 goals from corners that we didnt clear.
    One goal from a free kick in which we had 3 people challenging and it came off their guys shoulder and bobbled in.

    I said it to Des on the way out.

    when we got the ball in a lot of cases it was passed sideways (90% to the right) and then the FB was overlapping and it was past further out again.

    Damo does what he does and the ball is crossed in and we've no one in there or one of their CHs is just clearing it, we scored because we were direct not because we faffed about with it on the sideline