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Issues with copy and paste from one drawing to another

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    I have an end user with an issue. There are only three PC’s in the office that will allow you to copy and paste from one drawing to another. While some of the PC’s sometimes I can copy small items but it will take about 5 mins for this to process and other times it will freeze the program. In office are working from different formats of CAD but it is strange that it is working perfectly with on three pc’s.

    There is list to see what format are using and all working on 2008 have the copy and paste issue:

    CAD 2008/2008 LT -=> copy issues

    CAD 2006 –=> can copy and paste
    So maybe there is an issue with 2008!?
    Anyone with similar issues !??

    Thanks in advance !


  • About a year late for the reply but this can be a very annoying problem with autocad lt.
    I think usually cuased by pasting from a drawing with a huge amount of drawing scales most probably from an x ref'd drawing.
    Anyway, to solve problem see the following link;
    which basically boils down to using the following commands to purge the scale list:

    1.On the command line, enter -SCALELISTEDIT.
    2.Enter option Reset.
    3.When the "Reset scale list to defaults?" prompt is displayed, enter Yes.
    4.Enter Exit or press ESC.

    The hyphen (-) is essential.

    Hope this helps people with this problem in the future.