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Most overrated movies?



  • zoolander

  • PaulB1984 wrote: »
    A Batman movie that lasts over 2 and a half hours and features 10 minutes of on screen Batman can only be bad, and the dreadful Bane villian, awful movie.

    Oh dear, someone missed the part where they said that Bruce Wayne is Batman...

    But in all seriousness, Napoleon Dynamite... I just can't get into it. Not funny, just tedious...

    By the way, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but personally, I love the LOTR movies (having loved the books growing up), and I love Shawshank, and Gone with the Wind, and loads more that are listed here as overrated... I think they deserve the praise they get. But that is just my opinion.

  • Sorry folks, thread has been done several hundred times already, and inevitably never goes anywhere.

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