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UD2 - Next Gen Fansite

  • 11-12-2010 11:13pm
    Registered Users Posts: 703 obliviousgrudge

    I've had a DRIVER video game fansite, for over a year now and it is quite successful, and I am currently working on a sister site, a site where users can submit their own content and read and review the material, basically a way of making people less reliant on the news and features on the main site, as lets face it, I can't be posting news as soon as it happens and I also can't keep track of every video games website.

    Anyway, the sites address is, the address will be changed once the site is fully up and running. I am just looking for a few people to tell me what they think of the site, and what changes could be made.

    I'll updating over the next few weeks just to make it better looking and I'll be changing the ''ratings'' system hopefully.

    Any thoughts and ideas would be helpful.



  • Closed Accounts Posts: 152 ✭✭ Feckfox

    It's pretty simple but that's okay. It's hard to comment on since it's not finished. You should probably have a news feed/wall that shows all the updates on the front page.