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pharmaceutical science

  • 03-01-2010 12:15pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 3 Ylem

    Is anyone here doing the pharmaceutical science course in Dundalk? Can you please give me an inside to what the course is like, teaching, etc?


  • Pharm science is a really good course if you enjoy chemistry maths & physics :)..
    the chemistry lecturers are a drag coz the lecturer is so smarmy & youd really need to have leaving cert honous chemistry behind you to know wat hes going on bout at all!! (i didnt so i hadnt a notion,like the rest of the class!) there was word of him leaving but i didnt hear anythin recently, youd only have him for one semester anyways..
    the physics part is the most fun you learn thru pbl its called (problem based learning) were the class gets divided into groups and every1 gets the same problem and you have text books a pc & whiteboard and you have to solve it!.
    the maths is ok really just brushing up on basics, cell biology is really biology of the cell haha u wouldnt have guessed only joking its pretty interesting..
    my advice is if you like the sound of it and you have a passion for science and getting down to the nitty gritty of things then its the course for you :D:D

  • Does study pharmaceutical science in DKIT need to work placement in industry ? (:

  • Not in 1st or 2nd year for sure probably not in 3rd either.

  • So Izzit mean that placement or internship is not a must to complete before graduate from DKIT ?

  • Yes placement is not done (almost certain). Although you might try to get work experience yourself, related to pharmaceuticals during summer holidays.

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