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What paintballs do i need?

  • 26-08-2008 4:44pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3,274 ✭✭✭ irishguy

    Myself and a few friends have booked a days paintballing with in KILRUDDERY GROVE in Bray. We were thinking of buying paintballs in advance on ebay, any idea what ones we will need or are they a standard size??


  • don't bother, you can not use them anyways.

    You don't being your own beer to the pub do you?

  • Well you can get them on the net for €12 for 4000 or €240 for 4000 there. seems a bit mad, so we were going to bring some. And yes I have taken my own beer to a pub, i take it you have never been a student ;)

  • €12 for 4000... i seriously doubth that. Whole sale on a box for the cheapest stuff to your door is €20 (2000 per box). Tournament paint is about 40 quid a box.

    If you get caught you ill be thrown out, as surprisingly... paintballs are not all the same colour paint... imagaine. Some sites use a certain colour a day.

    oh, an I am a student also ;)

  • Could we sticky this?

    For the absolute record, you will be thrown out and no refund given. You'd be surprised but a marshal can pick out a different paintball grade in a matter of minutes.