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Aonghus FJR Collins, 2001-2005



  • No, LC means closer to college.
    That was my reasoning...

  • Situation = People using not so nice words on le interweb

    Solution = STFU

    Ahh, hypocrisy! How I love thee...

    BTW, Breakfast Club do rock immensly!

  • LC is hard, but not too hard. Some people stress far too much over it.

    (says the guy who failed to get his first choice 'casue he was too relaxed)

    College is hard work sometimes (I have 3 assignments due for Monday), however this is outweighed by the massive ammounts of free time.

  • Agh! LC... Tiz a scarey thought. All that work *G =Lazy* Me predicts I shall not get my first two choices... Oh dear :(

    Poor R4ph is internetless!

  • I return! Unlike Jesus!

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  • Raphael wrote:
    **** off and die you little bitch
    "Ah, the internet, the only place you can tell someone to FOAD without them taking offense."
    "Aonghus? That's... not what happens..."

  • Well, when you use the ACRONYM it's inoffensive.

  • Solution = STFU

    Ah-ha! G be PC!!! :)

  • Werd up to mah homies in da hood, yo.

  • Werd up to mah homies in da hood, yo.

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  • "Pass me mah gun. It the one that say 'bad mutha****a' on the side.
    Pass me mah dog. It the one that say 'bad mutha****a' on the side."

  • R4ph no speak good English?? That's unpossible!!!

  • Pass me mah snake. it's the one that says bad muthafucka on it

  • Ah, yes, your "snake". This "snake" is obviously a representation of your underlying sexual frustration stemming from a possible turbulent childhood and progressing into prepubescent years...
    How could anyone not think Freud crazy...?

  • Snaaaaaaaaaaake, snaaaaaaaaaaaaake, oh it's a snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake.

  • Freud, I believe, may have been taking the michael. THose photos of him holding a cigar really suggestively, and looking at the camera really seriously.

  • I'm now a 1st year UCD student. Theoretical Physics

    Also, if anyone has a facebook account, then add meh.