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Daithí Ó'Cearrbhaill/David Carroll



  • *takes advantage of perfect opportunity for a bump*
    G read that hump... And it was beautiful!

  • *sigh* You and your mind...:rolleyes:

  • Sorry it took so long to reveal one's identity, it does tend to be a never-ending, always changing flowing object (i read too much of 'Sophie's world')

    So, I'm known as the acidic one! Never in my wildest dreams would I think that would be used as reference to moi.

    Ciarán Treacy; I know of you not

    Pear of Anguish; as above.

    I think we've got a resolution.

    Daithí; shut-up with the slogans!

  • But the slogans are cool!

  • Did i walk into something i shouldn't have? Again?

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  • I don't know, check the souls of your shoes.

  • Pear of Anguish; as above.

    That doesn't mean I don't know you.
    I don't. But I might have.

    Is being called the acidic one a good or bad thing?

    Why am I posting? 'Cus I'm tired. Hey Daithí! Still reminding silly peoples of Noddy Holder?

  • Hey Daithí! Still reminding silly peoples of Noddy Holder?

  • someone once said 'He kinda remind you of the singer from Slade?' That's all.Sorry Daithí, I've hurt you..

  • I don't know, check the souls of your shoes.

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  • No that's exactly what I meant. Shoes have souls too! They also have feelings so stop ramming your feet into them you cruel oppressor of foot-wear!

  • Daithi shouldnt be at the bootom of the page...


  • Yay! Thankage to Guy!:)

  • Ok folks! An update on the life of Daithí:

    I did international relations. I was Pakistan (please do write in to tell everyone about my great backstabbings/achievements such as passing 2 unanimous resolutions and driving the US out of Afghanistan) & I was President of the very peaceful Republic of Chanda'ar on the continent of Hypothetica. Also I was one of the ring-leaders in this year's fish-giving (major thanks to Guy Wingfield-Horan for inspiration and advice) and one of but three to observe Pirate-Ninja day. Oh and also, I don't give a damn, I am not going to upload a file of me playing Greensleeves on the mandolin no matter how many people request it. Some other stuff I did: turned into Axl Rose while attempting to be a Wu Tang Clansman for disco 2, got unfortunately photographed attempting to be Robert Plant at disco 1 and sang "I Got You Babe" at the karaoke with Robbie Molloy while my hair was in a lot of very small plaits. Come to think of it I also worked with Robbie to cause mass confusion by having high-pitched arguements about ferret-squeezing...anyway please contribute.

  • *waves*

  • You did not drive anyone out of Afghanistan. You even said you couldn't drive the Taliban out of your borders! Also Israel seconded both unanimous resolutions so therefore it was clearly our superior signature that passed them both times:D
    *Kills civilians*

  • Quiet you, people weren't supposed to notice the connection between Israel and Pakistan constantly working together and being roommates. Also I could drive out the Taliban if I wanted to but as I told the hallowed halls of the UN I just couldn't be bothered.

  • That ferret-juice conversation will always freak me out. Sonny.........

  • Do you support a ferret's democratic right to be SQUEEZED?!!