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Daithí Ó'Cearrbhaill/David Carroll

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 620 Mr.D.Leprachaun

    I was in Chinese at Session 2 this year. I was a nooB this year and next year I shall be a Nevermore :( . I was known as: Daithí,David,Dave,Tall Dave(at least I think that's me I was never sure),Snazzy Dave,Comrade Dave,The First Leprachaun in Pennsylvania,Sun You Hu,Stalin Junior,That Creepy Non-Nevermore Guy,That Guy Who Said The Plastic Bag Was Beautiful and if you can think of any aliae or pseudonyms that I've forgotten please post them! I was known for:going round in Kate's coat doing John Travolta impressions and singing "Stayin' Alive", head-banging at the discos,stick-flicking,having an incredibly evil sense of humour and being an all-round verage guy!