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The Chapman Society

  • 18-08-2005 5:49pm
    Registered Users Posts: 462 ✭✭ Seany

    Rock n Roll/Alternative/Indie

    Band founded in early 2005 and have spent the last few months in rehearsal piecing together a setlist we are happy with.

    Presently polishing off some songs a little rough around the edges for our debut on the live circut.

    Songs from first recording session from our rehearsal room on website.



  • Playing Slatterys of Rathmines, tomorrow Wednesday 30th of November from 9pm. FREE IN!


    The Ruse

    The Chapman Society

  • I really like 'World on Fire'; very very good.

  • What's Slatterys like as a Venue Doc? Decent sound etc?

  • It's a pub. No stage. PA is vocals only, kit and amps ain't mic'd, so if you sound good in rehearsal you'll sound good there. I like the place tbh, done quite a few gigs there now.
    Crucifix wrote:
    I really like 'World on Fire'; very very good.

    Thank you very much. We should be recording some more stuff (and possibly re-recording some old stuff) soon. Those sessions were only a month or so after we got together and feel kind of embryonic now.

  • cool, well we have a simplistic set up so that shouldn't be a problem at all!

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