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Irish Blog and Podcast Awards

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    I've been thinking that the bloggersphere and podcastsphere in Ireland is now mature enough for us to have our own awards thingy. I've talked about it more on my blog here:

    The awards would be beneficial for a few reasons:

    1)It sets a level of quality that other new bloggers and podcasters can aspire to.
    2)It advertises blogs and podcasts others may have not have been aware of.
    3)It shows you who your peers are.
    4)It can help advertise blogs and podcasts to a larger audience via press coverage.

    Suggested Blog Categories:
    (add or amend these as you see fit)

    * Best Blogger
    * Best Blog Post
    * Best New Blogger
    * Best Contribution to the Boggersphere (Tech wise)
    * Best Potential Blogger i.e. Someone we'd like to see blogging
    * Best Photo Blog
    * Best Fictional Piece in a Blog
    * Best Art Blog
    * Best Political Blog (Judging for this will be "fun")
    * Best Group Blog
    * Best Comment/Commenter
    * Best Personal Blog

    Suggested Podcast Categories:
    (Need help with these so suggest away)

    * Podcast of the year
    * Podcaster/Podcasting site of the year
    * Best Music Podcast
    * Best Current Affairs Podcast
    * Best Tech Podcast