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Aonghus FJR Collins, 2001-2005

  • 17-08-2005 2:56pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 8,880 Raphael

    First Post! W00t!

    Edit: Might as well make this post useful....



  • *ahem*

    Session 2, computer applications. I spent that year pretty much huddling quietly in a corner. Wore a dressing gown, it was quite colourful.

    Session 1, Discrete Maths. Nothing of any importance that year. Again wore dressing gown, followed Jack Connolly around.

    Session 1, Russian. Dave franklins roommate, we sold Jolt Slushies from our window. In my defence, I didn't know he was putting fridge scrapings in them. Got together with Claire Burson(Cat) for the last week.

    Session 2, Japanese. Hosted the talent show with Rory and Guy.

    Session 2, Theoretical Physics. Knew more about the subject than the TA (CoughCRASH_000coughcough). Was in the Eddie Izzard History lesson sketch singing about elephants and LSD. Wore a long grey flasher coat despite the weather.

  • Email - r4phael[at]

    MSN Messenger - aonghus_c[at]

    AIM Messnger - Phobiomancer

    IRC - R4ph/RiffR4ph

  • Fair play 3 posts on describing yourself there..... dam you and having 5 years to talk about....

  • I've just got so much menlehness, can't fit it into one post, or even two posts

    Yeah, we all know that's a damn lie

  • w00t, I took that photo!

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  • You did indeed

  • you wore heels?!

  • Clearly. I'm remarkably good at walking in them too, get me a pair of size 7's/8's and I'll show you some time.

  • That i would like to, you're not one of these people who fall over in heels then...

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  • Raphael wrote:
    Clearly. I'm remarkably good at walking in them too, get me a pair of size 7's/8's and I'll show you some time.

    Thats it I'm carring my 3 3/4 inch sandals with me at all times from now on!

  • That is fcuking scary ass sh!t :eek:

  • *fans self* You look really hot in that picture!!! :D
    You rock!!! Strange how it took a trip to a vampire museem and a dance mat revolution for me to figure that out!!!! Gah, why did I waste so much time on campus not getting to know people??? *throws self dramtically on to nearest roman styled chaise*

  • Yeah, you keep that up there.....

  • Raphael wrote:
    Yeah, you keep that up there.....
    *giggles* It'd be funnier if you said that to a boy... ;):p

  • ...They have girls on the internet?

  • Yes sweetie. I know your not used to talking to girls after being in Theoretical Physics and all... Nerd!

  • Oh, random question: What does the FJR stand for??? :o

  • Francis James Raphael. And TheoPhys got points!

  • Raphael wrote:
    And TheoPhys got points!

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  • What? Steve, Aidann and Meeka all got points.

  • Oh yeah.. Well, congratulations on your *three* points... :p:p Ah no, I kid. I know it's not your fault. You already have a girlfriend. I too had an attachment at home so I can't really talk about your lack of points!! ;)

  • Exactly you crazy freakin hippy!

    And I'm pretty sure Aidan and Meeka got like 3 points each....

  • My apologies to Aidan and Meeka.
    Forgive me Raph *puppydog eyes* Hug??? :o

  • *kidneypoke*


  • You biatch!! How the hell did everyone on campus know where I was sensitive??? Between you, Emily, Pierce and Guy... *grumbles* I'm lucky to still have my kidneys intact...

  • Oh, you crazy kids and your kidneys...

  • That video clip is very scary, very scary indeed...what i wanna know is who was the person who pointed out they suited you?

  • You wrote the most meaningful and heartfelt of all my notes! And introduced me to teagames!

    -Daithí/That creepy non-nevermore guy.

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  • Raphael wrote:
    And I'm pretty sure Aidan and Meeka got like 3 points each....

    *cough* 5, actually