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Jenny Lorigan 04-05

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    I are Jenny Lorigan, as the name suggests.

    Philosophy session 2 04.
    RA: Elaine O'Halloran
    I was Liz Ahern-Flynn's roommate. I was quiet and irrelevant (John Bowler didn't know my name after two weeks in his class), and doubt anyone really remembers me from then.

    Psychology B Session 2 05
    RA: Mary - Dammit, I forget her surname.
    I had green hair at the start of the course. I was the dead girl (Sadako from Ringu, to specify) at the Hawaiin (sp?) disco, and one of the ninjas at the table quiz. Aonghus stole me to TheoPhysics one day. I was one of the three (that I saw) people who took part in cross-dressing Wednesday (w00 for for borrowing clothes from a guy half a foot taller than you...). I was half of the ninjas at the closing ceremony. And I did puppydog eyes a lot. Aand... yeah, that's about it.