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Jenny Lorigan 04-05

  • 19-08-2005 10:10pm
    Registered Users Posts: 588 JenLorigan

    I are Jenny Lorigan, as the name suggests.

    Philosophy session 2 04.
    RA: Elaine O'Halloran
    I was Liz Ahern-Flynn's roommate. I was quiet and irrelevant (John Bowler didn't know my name after two weeks in his class), and doubt anyone really remembers me from then.

    Psychology B Session 2 05
    RA: Mary - Dammit, I forget her surname.
    I had green hair at the start of the course. I was the dead girl (Sadako from Ringu, to specify) at the Hawaiin (sp?) disco, and one of the ninjas at the table quiz. Aonghus stole me to TheoPhysics one day. I was one of the three (that I saw) people who took part in cross-dressing Wednesday (w00 for for borrowing clothes from a guy half a foot taller than you...). I was half of the ninjas at the closing ceremony. And I did puppydog eyes a lot. Aand... yeah, that's about it.



  • Jeeeeeeeeeeen! I love you! *tacklehugs*

  • Yay! *feels warm glowing warming glow*

  • [stern mammy voice]Have you set yourself on fire again young lady?[/stern mammy voice]

  • Maybe...

    Oh, my MSN adress is in my profile, IM me for other details. If I like you I'll give them to you.

  • I was the other half of the ninja presence at the presentation! W00t!


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  • you give good hugs

  • That she does. I think I talked to her once in '04, confusing her with someone form my Russian class the previuous year. :p

  • Jen! We had many conversations mostly involved death and pain in some way...hehehe you're high-larious!

  • Yeah, my conversations'll do that...

    And yes, I give damn good hugs.

  • Jen! You sound like Aoibheann when you're hoarse. For further explanation, click here.

    Sorry for leaving you in the Gaeltacht. Here, have my soul as compensation. *gives*

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  • Woo! Jen! Go team walking the wrong way in the rain!

  • Yeah, good times...

    "Hey, we'll be the first back to res."
    [five minutes later]
    "Uhm... The gates are locked, and there's no-one else around..."
    "Yeah, see this is why you wait for an RA."

    And after much deliberation, I have decided that what you said probably wasn't insulting :p

  • Probably...

    What was it exactly?

  • Yeah a bunch of us did that on the last night, if you mean the gate from corner of sports complex into res area. We ended up climbing the slippery metal gate, in the rain, some of us not wearing pants.

  • jen has very very pretty eyes, and lots of other good virtues

  • W00t go Jen. She's a kickass roommate, was really nice about letting me borrow her clothes, and didnt get pissed of at my immaturity when throwing things out the window or when i f*cked up our keycards on the first day. Also has the sweetest puppy dogs eyes and was a kick ass sadako.

    GO JEN! :D

  • Yes, I am rather proud of my dead-girl-ness...

    Ooh, next non-uniform day in school I'm so dressing as Sadako! Although I'll have to find clothes, since what I wore was borrowed...

  • we used to have non uniform days until our new principal stopped them-b*tch

  • Yeah, my school doesn't have them too often... Well, if it comes to it I'll just do it on some random day ^_^

  • Yay Jenny! Most excellent classmate. 5 stars! And a cookie. But you pay for that.

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  • Jen, you makes good cookies!

  • ...what, I didnt post on this? Could've sworn I had.

    Anyweh, Jen, you rock loads! You're so lovely and sweet, and yes, I agree, your hugs do rock muchly also. Thanks for the help last week, you may not remember, but I'm really grateful anyway! :)

    I see you loads, though recently not so much coz work, etc, but I'll be reunifying again soon, I promise. I miss you lots!

    Jenneh ftw!!



  • Jen Jen, the piper's son, stole a pig and away did run ... and so on.

    No, wait - that would be my good compadré Tom. But You're just as good as Tom, if not better. Certainly more frightening, anyway. Yep.

    In conclusion: Hello.

  • w00, back on the first page ^^

    I have a life.

    Ah, gotta love buying people's love with cookies...

  • Thanks to me, I might add. BOW!!! Kidding. I promised I would and finally found your thread today.
    What's all this about cookies? I know I started it but I've lost the plot (and the Game) already.

  • Yes, good work dear. *pats head*

    I brought cookies to the reunion. they turned out oddly, but apparently still tasted good. Though I don't like stuff I make so yeah, didn't have any... But still, cookies! (Y)

  • Damn now I want cookies. And don't have any. Grr...

  • I will make more for the next reunion. Unless I'm lazy. Gotta love cookies/laziness.

  • Yes, cookies and/or laziness!
    I'm going to make lasagne next year on the last night so I'll return the favour with some of that.

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  • Lasagne cookies!

    Isn't it spelt lasagna?