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A Triple Fried Egg, Chilli and Chutney Sandwich

  • 03-01-2005 12:34am
    Registered Users Posts: 5,524 ApeXaviour

    Has anyone actually tried one of these? I'm very willing, I mean it sounds like my kinda food! But there never seems to be chutney in the house.

    And when there is I forget to make one.. :mad:

    PS: Do yis reckon it's chopped chilli or mexican chilli?


  • A state of the art sarnie...

    It's the state of the floor im worried about

  • Never tried. But like you I'd be very interested. What is chutney though? Apart from that one ingredient, I'm sure I'd like it.

  • Chutney's like a fruity sauce you put in a curry

  • Fruity... Don't know about that. Fruit has no place in my food. But still, could be nice.

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  • Wouldn't be too taken with it, but all the ingredients are supposed to be wrong...

  • So chopped chilli pepper? or is it mexican chilli sauce?

    very different things.. I wanna make this!

  • By the way the best chutney is south african chutney. Never get curried chutney, it's rotten.

    Chutney is... hmm it's fruity but it's eaten in a savoury fashion. Sorta like the way kung po sauce is fruity.

    Chutney is best served (in my experience) on a cracker with cheese on it.. mmmmm..

    I miss my south african friend, he used to give me lots of seriously good chutney. Then he moved back to south africa