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What's your favourite Star Trek Series?

  • 19-05-2004 9:12pm
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    Yes I Know We Have Had This Discussion Many Many Times However I Was Thinking To Myself That Data Should Sticky A Poll On This So Everyone That Visits The Star Trek Forum Can Have There Vote And The Topic Wont Slide.

    So Vote Away

    What's your favourite Star Trek Series? 776 votes

    TOS - The Orginal Series
    1% 15 votes
    TAS - The Animated Series
    9% 70 votes
    TNG - The Next Generation
    0% 6 votes
    DS9 - Deep Space 9
    41% 324 votes
    VOY - Voyager
    32% 252 votes
    ENT - Enterprise
    14% 109 votes



  • Its a choice between TNG and DS9 for me. DS9 wins out in the end. Loved the continuous storylines and the fact that Cisco was so gunho :)

  • For me it was the dialog in DS9.
    And as u said the story.

  • DS9 is my favourite too, i really liked the ferengi

    The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

  • Originally posted by l3rian
    The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

  • Originally posted by l3rian
    The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

    Rule 004 - A woman wearing clothes is like a man in the kitchen.

    LMAO :D

    ehh..ds9 :ninja:

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  • Hmmm, well done to whoever said ENT , i disagree completly but fair play for expressing your unque view.

    Emm biz i thought ur fav was TNG?

  • Jeez guys whats not to like about TNG - only 1 I liked after TOS. Patrick Stewart was excellent as Picard (no one says "engage" better !!) - Data IS GOD - Q - LeForge - and that scene with Crusher and Troy working out is still imprinted on my mind !:D

    I personally hate to see the words "To Be Continued" because I useually miss the next episode, thankfully they didn't do that too much with TNG. DS9 - if you missed an episode it was hard to keep track IMO.


  • TNG/Ds9 are my favourt

  • This really should have allowed multiple selections, I'm torn between TNG and Voyager... with DS9 coming dead last.

  • DS9 was by far the best one

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  • wo, im surprised at how many ppl picked ds9, ive tried to get ito it so many times, jut never caught on with me.

    i picked voyager, i just think its the best, although i realy like tng

  • I always thought TNG was a fan faverate even tho alwayus liked DS9, im very suppried to see voyager beating TNG.

  • I love the character development in DS9

  • Interesting Fact
    DS9 is the 3rd most nominated drama seris of all time.

  • DS9 was fantastic! Like many, I didn't get into it at first but the more I watched, the more hooked I became. The whole Dominion war was a little shakey at times but still ranks as my favourite Star Trek plot.

    Voyager? Ugh! The Doctor was about the only redeeming character in that series, the rest really got on my nerves, especially Janeway.

  • Voyager was really a very poor display, i never liked it. I mean they were on a ship, but instead of exploring, they were going home.

  • in order of preference

    1 Star trek Origional series
    2 Next Generation
    3 Voyager
    4 Deep space 9 (****e)
    5 Enterprise (makes DS9 look like genius)

  • TNG was my favourite but my favourite Star Trek episode was a DS9 called 'Trials and tribblations', I think!

  • TOS was the best for me folled by TNG, DS9, Enterprise and Voyager.

    TOS was great, ther dont make them like that anymore!:mad:

  • That's strange, The DS9 episode I was talking about hasn't been on for years but is's on Sky One Mix now. What a coincidence.

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  • Voted for DS9. Pleased to see it topping the poll. Darker and grittier than the other incarnations.

  • the origional series was my first point of contact for trek, so i gotta go with that. its the only series that im actually considering buying on dvd.

  • TNG was by far my fav. although Voyager was also good.
    Just got hooked on TNG when they started showing it on RTE 1 on Saturday evenings yonks ago!
    Q was my favourite charactor.
    Remember that Morriarty fello who was tricked into thinking he had left the confines of the holodeck? Liked that episode.
    oh, and the loop episode where it kept showing the same 10 minutes over & over again and they got Data to send back the letter 3 to change his decision to miss that other ship..
    Excellent. :)

  • I do liove epsiuiodes that involve time travel that loop episode possibly called causality effect was very good.

  • I really couldnt get into Ds9, don't know why although i didnt like cisqo.It's a tie between Voyager and tng, picard is brilliant,although i hate Q, I feel he's just someone they use when they run out of story line ideas, they should have left him for the first episode and not use him again. I like the characters in voyager, especially 7 of 9, not only is she gorgous but a good character too. I love the time travel/warp and parellel universe episodes. They should have more of them. They tried it in Ent but the story lines are resolved to easily in that.

  • I had to vote for DS 9 in the end and I am not surprised to see it is the overall number one.

    Nevertheless - if I had to choose the best Captain it would have been Picard, the best doctor would have been Bones, the best engeneer would have been scotty and the best first officer would have been Spock.

    The Best Movie is really a very very tough one. Generally I am more drawn towards the next Generation but if I really, really had to pick THE best one it probably would be: "Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country".

  • have to say Voyager is the best in my opinion.
    Could never get into DS9..... found it kind of boring to be honest.
    Odo was cool though.
    Also like enterprise and the original, Catain Kirk was definately the best starship captain.

    In my opinion.

    Best Captain - Kirk
    Best Transportation officer - Scottie (Beam me up scottie, Its a classic)
    Best engineer - Jordie Le Forge
    Most aesthic female - 7 of 9
    Nicest looking ship - Voyager
    Best episode - The one where Admiral Janeway comes back intime to get Voyager home early with the destruction of boh the borg queen and the transwarp hub.
    Best Startrek song - Startrekkin by "the firm".

  • Voyager the best no doubs.

  • Ds9 seems to be the most popular, love t know who voted for TAS tho lol

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  • Well, perhaps someone voted for it just to remind us that the animated series exists. Who knows. I still stand over what I have voted for ages ago: DS9