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  • 21-09-1999 5:18pm
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    omg that was one long series smile.gif


  • Yea it's finito here. Most naff ending to a series, I hope to god they don't make a movie (although they can't).

    Voyager new season starts this Wed's smile.gif happy happy joy joy.

  • Yeh your right hobbes, saw "What you leave behind" on asf there at the weekend. Really disapointing ending, it doesnt explain a ****ing thing. Sisko has to stay with the prophets for "mabye a year" to "learn some things from them"?!!. Probably wouldve been better if theyd just killed him off.

  • DS9 is somewhat of a disappointment overall, which is a shame, because about midway through the run, it had more potential than any of the other Star Trek series.

    The war with the Dominion has been wasted because of the scriptwriters love of bizarre character-based drama. The characters are good, but by now are way too stereotyped for this sort of muck. It's clear that the plot arc has no real resolution... They tried to emulate Babylon 5 (the series whose idea they nicked in the first place, although in fairness JMS repaid the compliment by nicking the Voyager concept for Crusade) and it's character/story arc, but have failed miserably after looking promising for a while.

    Compare the finale of DS9 to Sleeping In Light, the B5 series end; compare the winding up of the war with the Dominion to the end of No Surrender, No Retreat (the fourth season of B5, which encompassed the Shadow War and the war against Earth).

    It's a shame.... DS9 has cool characters and a cool plot idea, it just didn't have the writing talent to implement them.

  • heard theres some series V in the works now.

    ST is getting a bit long in the tooth now, I mean how are the script writers supposed to find any more ways to use barion particles or the deflector dish to solve life's little problems smile.gif

  • Hey, don't diss ST. I did for years, and then they made Voyager, and I thought it sucked.... and then they got a few seasons in. Wow. That is such compelling watching... Interesting characters, cool inter-personal relationships, strong story arcs, great battle scenes (people actually shooting stuff in Star Trek! Wh00p!) and Seven Of Nine. What more could we want?

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  • 7 of 9 getting her kit off.

  • yes I still like it but I just think that the series itself is running out of steam.

    The writers are constrained by Roddenberry's "bible", they're absoloutly terrified of doing anything different with the franchise.

    like having 7 of 9 get her kit off smile.gif

  • no this isnt a reply
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  • yes I remember you, but I dont understand you smile.gif

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