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Passport renewal while Bench warrant outstanding.



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    The problem would be that airlines operating out of Australia would probably reject the OP's expired passport.

    I have seen television shows in the UK where they state that they cannot deport an alien unless they have a valid travel document for that alien and sometimes the country of that alien is less than helpful in furnishing to the UKBA a valid document. The end result being the person being released until they can be deported.

    A Travel Document (thats the official name for it) can be issued by Embassies/Consulates to facilitate travel 'home'. Its not a passport, and immigration officials would not accept it as such if they tried to enter another country

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    Peregrinus wrote: »
    Allowing your passport to expire without renewal is not an offence. Nor is applying for renewal and being refused.

    That's not the extra charge that I was referring to. It sounds to me like the OP has already been before the courts on these charges and was granted bail but failed to appear, hence the bench warrant.
    In all likelihood he will also be charged with this if it is the case.

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    That's not the extra charge that I was referring to. It sounds to me like the OP has already been before the courts on these charges and was granted bail but failed to appear, hence the bench warrant.
    In all likelihood he will also be charged with this if it is the case.

    Section 13 charges are summary and must be brought within six months. However, in addition to the bench warrant there will likely be a penal warrant for estreatment of bail which can be renewed should he return.

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    Sorry to resurect an old thread.

    I have 5 bench warrants maybe more. I have charges that will result in prison and more serious charges coming (nothing bad just largish amount of drugs)

    I was able to renew passport I even went into Garda station, I was ready to run out the door lol I had a car running outside 😂

    I traveled to Portugal a month ago to do ibogaine for my heroin addiction. No problem in and out of country.

    I am now clean. I don't want to do the jail as I owe money for the drugs I was caught with I refuse to go on protection and be branded a rat. I kept my mouth shut and don't feel I should pay. Not that I have the means to anyway. I would be forced to do **** for the entire 3 or 4 years.

    I will go to Italy soon. Don't know if I'll ever come back. Maybe if my mam or dad get sick which will inevitably happen, I'll deal with the consequences when it happens. I've heard of people bouncing on charges and returning clean and having a letter for the police of the countries they were in saying they worked and didn't get into trouble, then getting suspended sentences.

    My question is this, I've always wanted to go to America or Australia I have looked at the visa requirements and understand what I would need to do.

    However I can't find out whether or not I might be deported with 5+ active bench warrants when I get to immigration in said countries??

    Again my offences were all drug related to pay for an addiction I was always decent and none of .U offences are violent so any judgement can be kept back, I'm happy with who I am and at peace with my past.

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    Also have fucked up my life way beyond caring about the legal side of it. Far more serious issues now.

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    I wonder what happened to the OP in the intervening 10 years?

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    Lol not the same person I was actually framed by a one armed man

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    There's a fair chance that you would be deported from either the US or Australia.

    The issue is not so much that you might be turned away on arrival - SFAIK neither the US nor the Australian immigration systems have live links with the criminal justice databases of other countries, so if you make it as far as the arrivals hall they are unlikely to pick up at that point that you have warrants outstanding in Ireland.

    The issue is more that, in order to get a visa or a visa waiver from either country, you're going to have to lie. Which means that, if the Irish authorities do at some point decide to pursue you and make enquiries from the US or Australian authorities, it will fairly quickly come to light that you lied on your visa application. Both countries can throw you out for that, regardless of whether you're still wanted in your home country or not.

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    why would any one want assist a criminal and fugitive. ?

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    Are U actually a cop Mike? Whether U are or not I'm sure you realise the world is not black and white and that good people do bad things.

    I could argue that it is the legislations fault for my actions drug addiction should not be criminalises and heroin should be available to us a la the Swiss model.

    Methadone is horrible.

    I've been accosted by some of your cop buddies who wanted me in no uncertain terms to sell drugs for them procured directly from the evidence room.

    So take your simp view of the world and your bigotry and shove it you know where. Better yet take time to reflect on your views and hopefully your IQ will allow you to evolve them.

    To the other poster thanks for you help. I would be applying to the embassy for visas and fully disclosing my criminal past.

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    Hey mate if you already have a passport just renew it online like everyone else

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    Going back to the embassy comments, I understood that embassy is legally foreign soil and furthermore any object or person being transported directly from embassy to port is regarded as remaining on foreign soil.

    Is this not correct?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,423 ✭✭✭AlanG

    Agreed, Embassys are not theterritory of the nation. It's a popular misconception.

    Biggest risk the OP has is getting deported as he most llikely lied or has not complied with the terms of his visa.