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Irish Public Holidays When Abroad

  • 07-02-2023 9:18am
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    Does anyone know what happens here?

    I spend a few weeks away at a time throughout the year for my work. Often this falls on bank holidays in Ireland, but if abroad, I work these days. My contract is in Ireland, as is my employer. HR admin have turned out to be wrong on every finance issue I have asked about, so I have not asked them.

    The public holiday yesterday prompted me to write this, as again….I am out of the country and worked a full day. We are expected to clock our own overtime etc, so this is not an automatic process.

    Of course when there is a public holiday abroad, I do not work these days most of the time, but I would prefer to and I am available to. I tend to clock these as a regular working day with a comment to say it is a local public holiday day.

    TIA for response

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    I have also had this same situation quite a lot, and I've always worked to the calendar of the country I am in. If there is an unfair balance at the end, e.g. if I missed quite a few holidays at home due to this, then I have brought it up with my supervisor and I have been allowed to take extra days off as time compensation.

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    You haven't exactly asked a question. You've just described what currently happens in your position. What do you think should be happening?

    Note that there is no automatic entitlement to a day off on an Irish public holiday, even if you are working in Ireland. You are entitled to one of the following:

    • A paid day off on the public holiday
    • An additional day of annual leave
    • An additional day's pay
    • A paid day off within a month of the public holiday

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    What do you want to happen?

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    Technically speaking, you should get a day in lieu of the bank holiday or an additional day's pay.

    However, you also say that "of course" you do not work when there's a local public holiday in wherever you go. If your place of employment is Ireland, then you should be working on these days. That you just clock it as a regular working day is taking the piss a bit IMO.

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    How is it taking the piss, I would assume that he means that he is available those days but cannot do any work because everything else locally is shut down. So effectively he may not be working those days, but he was available for work, which is the pertinent part.

    I was previously in this position while doing project work in the UK for an Irish company. If it was a bank holiday in Ireland but I had to be on site in the UK then I considered myself to have a day in lieu to be taken later. If it was a bank holiday in the UK but not in Ireland then I said nothing, did some paperwork at home and considered it a normal work day.

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    From a pure time perspective, this seems like a very fair way to work it. I may take this approach.

    I suppose I was just looking for what happens with others because the legislation doesn’t clearly state what should happen and leaves it clear as mud afaic.

    what you posted is what I found online also. What should happen is my missed public holidays should be given as days in lieu, but tbh, it’s not easy getting time off. I still have a full week from last year I wasn’t able to take off due to demand. Payment in lieu would be probably better in my situation.

    I have no choice when abroad but to observe the public holidays as the client premises are usually closed on such days. I am available, ready and willing to work these days.

    I would much rather be at home with my family during these times, but I am being flexible with my employer. I think it’s unfair to suggest I’m taking the piss under the circumstances.

    On Irish public holidays when I am abroad, I don’t get the benefit of the time with my kids when they are also off school. Days in lieu are generally at the discretion of the employer and are usually on regular school or working days, so again, the benefit of family time is lost.

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    I have no choice when abroad but to observe the public holidays as the client premises are usually closed on such days. I am available, ready and willing to work these days.

    My apologies, I guess I assumed you had the sort of job that could be done remotely with a laptop in your hotel. If you have to physically be on site then I guess it is different.