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    Headline from Variety. Must admit that I haven't actually read the article.

    I think it's a testament to James Cameron that he can take something like Avatar and turn it into a bonafide hit.

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    By the end of the week it looks like Cameron will have three of the four top-grossing films. He's some lad.

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    Saw it tonight and its alright. Its not bad but not great. Would say Avatar 1 was better of the two.

    But I think they are going for "The Matrix Finish" cause once they said the earth is dying the series will end with peace between both Navi and Humans living on Pandora. Also that new substance those pesky humans are after will come into play next movie as well. But since the humans have only been mining it for one year, it would indicate a time jump in one of the sequels. Allow for a character to "not age" as they said.

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    The fact that they are two films each of two different franchises skews this a bit but Zoe Saldaña is the first actor to star in 4 films that broke 2 billion in the box office (Avatar 1 and 2 and Avengers Infinity War and Endgame)

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    It's really weird Saldana hasn't headlined more vehicles. She seems famous enough that she's working at a high tier of mainstream Hollywood but nobody appears interested to put her front and centre of something. Could be her own desire of course. Especially as in those two franchises she's playing action leads, the sidestep seems obvious.

    She appeared for five minutes in that awful The Adam Project, and I was like "oh cool, Zoe Saldana is gonna add some actio... oh she's gone"