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    You shouldn't need to scan them manually, if you do there is a risk that they will be overwritten when ABM runs. There is an option on ABM to update the provider files, I would try that to see if it is the problem.

    Before you recreate the Favorites Bouquet, make sure you have configured ABM to ignore it when it scans.

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    It wiped all my bouquets as you said..... So download your latest 6.3 again and configured the Saorview settings in ABM and refreshed so back working again including C5 after a frustrating Day messing around. Thanks again.

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    Why are people wanting to use old Images ? 6.3 is old and even 6.4 has been replaced on ATV ??

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    Stability. Tried 7.2 and kept crashing

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    @greasepalm Why would anyone update to a new release of software that adds no new capability? The Tiviar is now old and any regression testing on new releases for that box would be minimal.

    Even 6.4 would have needed work, for little in return. I rolled it back and stayed on 6.3 for that reason.

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    Once ABM is updated and working correctly all channel movements should be 'caught' automatically. It has nothing to do with the release version, once up to date provider files are available. If there is still an issue after checking for updated provider files then it could be worth while seeing if there is a new version of ABM available for 6.3.

    The only area where changes are not automatically captured is in the Favourites list. Depending on how channels are added to this list changes may have to be managed manually. This is nothing to do with the software version, it applies to Favourites lists on all platforms.

    If you think about it, most manufacturers only provide software updates for TVs and STBs for a limited period but they continue to carry out their basic functions perfectly well. The only reason I can think of to update the Tiviar is if it is being used for some IPTV services. That is something I never set out to support and I have no interest in it.

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    Could someone recommend a tv box , E2, basic combo with saorview and satellite.

    Just 2 tuners, don't need the ability to record. Like the H7S but just cheaper .

    Reliability first, don't need the apps.

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    Beware that cheaper combos often only have now/next instead of full EPG.