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    Thanks Gerry, what would you recommend?

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    I've been through most of the pages but I can't find it.

    I've changed my TV to an LG tv, can anyone remember how to set the power button for both the box and TV ?


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    Thanks for the reply Gerry but I can't locate HDMI CEC on the box or in Webif.

    Running openatv 6.2

    The power button turned on and off the previous Samsung tv.

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    "PPV Event"

    What is this in the TVGuide? On more4, film4 and others.

    I have box setup years...this is first issue....cant remember how to set up so curious is this fixable?

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    Hi, can I still install latest image from USB?

  • Registered Users Posts: 122 ✭✭ sqsqswqdwdwq

    I have the an Tiviar Box with NCM's openATV 6.3 image. I believe I can receive the usual channels of the 28.2E Astra 2E/2F/2G Services and the 19.2 Ku-band Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N Services from my Sat dish. However, I CANNOT see or receive the US FOX News for FOX related channels listed in the Favorites/All list of channels, or anywhere else for that matter. Should I see it in the usual list, or do I need to have something extra to receive those type of channels? Thanks for your help

  • Registered Users Posts: 43 spaced

    I am pretty sure Fox News is not available on the 28.2 or 19.2 satellites - not free to air anyway - don't ever remember seeing that as an option

    I checked the channel list and Fox is on some of the encrypted frequencies in other juristictions

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    I wasn't aware that Fox News was on my favourites list. I used to watch it on IPTV, where it used to be FTV. I never had it FTA on 28.2.

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    I have a Tiviar Alpha Box loaded with NCM's openATV6.3. When I switched the box on today, the unit boots up normally (Channel Readout in the front display (e.g. RTE1)), but the TV screen shows a splash screen only (OPENATV 6.3). Of course I retried several times, but the result is the same - splash screeen and no audio on either Terrestrial or UK channels. I reflashed the box (from a fresh NCM's 6.3 download) but the result is the same. I've a sneaking feeling that my box is toasted? I'd certainly appreciate any input you might have in troubleshooting the issue. Thanks!

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    I flashed NCM's image a couple of days ago as I hadnt updated my tiviar in a few years. I restored my own settings so I'd get my previous channel list back.

    Now each night, some process is running and wiping out my favourite channels each night. I dont think it's ABM.

    Any idea what else it could be?

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    I haven't looked at this in at least two years - I've no satellite dish since I moved house.

    As a general rule restoring your own settings will break my configuration. Enigma 2 has many settings, some of which interact with each other. All I can advise is to reflash and then configure your favorites manually.

    (It most likely is ABM that is causing your problem. You can check this by turning off the schedule. There is also a way of excluding certain bouquets, eg favorites, from updates. I forget how to do this.)

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    Anybody know why webif has stopped working on this box, I can see it is connected to my router, samba is running. webif plugin is running.when I type in 192.168.x.x I get Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at 192.168.x.x. ( correct address as per network information on box). I have tried restarting both router and box. Image version is Openatv 6.4

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm setting up a Zgemma H7S with OpenVix 6.2 for my BIL in Macroom, Cork. I am having an issue with scanning Saorview with ABM which I hope you can help me with.

    If I scan on the Tuner C (Combined DVB-C/T2) with Region set to "All regions, Republic of Ireland, (Europe DVB-T/T2)" it will pull in all of the Saorview channels. When I go on to the Saorview coverage checker, it says that MULLAGHANISH with channels 21, 24 is my nearest transmitter, however, this is not listed in the Regions. I have gone in and manually selected and scanned every region in Cork but it does not pull in any channels. It will only pull in the channels if I set it to all regions. But, there is no option with ABM to select All regions as above so the scan within ABM fails.

    Would love it if someone could help as i am heading back home tomorrow and would love to get this setup for him. Thanks guys.

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    Thats an old version and wondering if non supported , 6.4 and unsure if 7.0 is working.

    Wiping out channels seems like ABM is rescanning and moving your lists.

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    You have to go into providers and press the the right of okay to change regions and green to save and should then pull in channels.


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    The Saorview coverage checker is often hopelessly wrong , in my case the saorview coverage checker says its Kippure for Celbridge , but that wont work on any combo box under ABM , you get nothing.

    I had an old triax saorview box that showed the frequencies of the channels I could pick up with an autoscan , with a bit of detective work I found out that only two transmitters used the frequencies that were being picked up in Celbridge , that was the one in Donegal , very unlikely , and Dublin 3 Rock .... so put in Dublin 3 rock in ABM and it worked.

    Dont rely on the saorview coverage map , its hopeless , like most RTE stuff really.

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    Assuming the Saorview channels are already saved in the favourites bouquet, all you need to do is update the channel database. The actual channel names in the bouquets are the same identifiers. It is just the database entries that are pointing to the wrong masts. The easiest cure for this is to manually re-scan the appropriate frequencies.

    SETUP>TUNERS & SCANNING>MANUAL SCAN> (The exact wording varies between different images but should still be more or less the same.)

    Now select the DVB-C/T2 tuner using left-right keys if needed.

    Move down and select PREDEFINED TRANSPONDER. Then select the TRANSPONDER option and again using left-right arrows to pick your local mast channel/frequency.

    PRESS GREEN to scan and you should get a list of channels if you have the correct details. PRESS GREEN again to save this set of channels.

    You will then repeat the above steps using the second local channel/frequency for your area. Scan and OK the second batch of channels found. You can now exit from the menus and if all went to plan the entries in your favourites bouquet should work.

    I never used ABM but would assume it would be wise to disable any auto update for terrestrial or it may undo your hard work.

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    If you don't know the correct Saorview channel numbers or frequencies for your area, you can manually search using the signal finder option under TUNERS.

    Again make sure the selected tuner is DVB-C/T2 and PREDEFINED TRANSPONDER. Then step down to the TRANSPONDER section. Using the left-right buttons step slowly through each number. Pause for a few seconds on each one to see if you get a signal. When you do, SCAN and save using the GREEN button as above. The range of numbers goes from 21 - 69. (you will also see 5-12 but they are for cable systems and not applicable here)

    Remember there are two sets of channels on two different channel numbers for each area. In some cases you may get more than two results. In that case choose the strongest signals.

    If you don't get any results, your aerial may not be good enough.

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    I have no access to the box, but there is a method to update providers within ABM. You can only select one provider as ABM scans that provider to look for changes. Hope this helps.

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    I have to ask a very newbie question (so apologies)

    With the FTA system taking 2 inputs (satellite & saorview), does RTE/saorview stations appear on the same menu as the satellite stations?

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,316 ✭✭✭ Gerry Wicklow

    You can create your own list of favourites with any mix of Saorview and satellite you like.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,665 ✭✭✭ greasepalm

    But on a tv ?? never tried to do favourites but use the box for that

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,357 ✭✭✭ NewClareman

    If you're using my software they do. There is a full list of categories that update automatically.

    (I haven't used it in a while, so hope it still works ok.)

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    Anybody willing to share thier AutoBouquetsMaker settings?

    Have box since Nov 2018 on NCM's image and worked great thanks NCM.

    But crashed this week so updated to 6.3 but no ITV or C5. Have Saorview sorted.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 925 ✭✭✭ trabpc

    Managed to get them in through manual scan.

    select predefined transponder.

    select 11306 Horizontal 27500 . Not vertical.

    Refreshed ABM and all back but Bouquets need tidying now......

    Favorite's gone.

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    Many of your images and old and not up to date is why channel movement is not caught.