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Ozark [Netflix] (***SPOILERS***)



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    The FBI arranged for Two men in a Hiace to transport the leader of one of the worlds biggest drug cartels and then told the acting leader the details.

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    I found the show entertaining but I would class it as more of a Fantasy show than a Drama or crime show. The situations and escapes are so far removed for how the real world works that it was hard to get invested in any situation as you knew that some magic want would be pulled out of the bag to save the day. The fixer guy seems to be able to get any politicians he wants to do anything to resolve major crisis but this happens off screen so we have to accept he did it. The crisis with the grandfather and the kids is resolved off screen as is the crisis with Frank Jr.

    So much is out of sync with the real world - In a rural areas of gun toting USA no one dealing with a major drug cartel seemed to have any concern for the safety of themselves or their property, no security systems, cameras or gates in most places. The mob refuse to kill anyone. A Mexican cartel let a white guy arrive down and kill a top lieutenant. The head of a cartel is transferred by two guards in a van. No cars or people have GPS tracking. The sheriff doesn't tell anyone where he is going when out on calls. Nelson tries to kill Ruth but afterwards she doen't worry about who ordered it. Brilliant cop Mel steals evidence then hangs around in the dark on their property where he can legally be shot by the kid he has seen threaten to shoot a person with a shotgun.

    The show is TV on a par with a marvel movie - entertaining & well produced but not to be taken seriously - the problem is you get the impression the writers actually want it to be taken seriously.

    Many Americans have a quasi rasist view of those who live away for the coasts or Chicago and I feel that this show was made to pander to those people as all the locals and mexicans are so easily manipulated by the smart family from Chicago.

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    The fbi knew and didn’t stop it but didn’t arrange it, it was the sister

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    I don’t think anyone would take the series seriously, it’s a nice escape from the real world for a while

    I think you might be over thinking the entire concept but each to their own and all that

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    Just finished it tonight. Overall I mostly enjoyed the series but it gradually ran out of steam for me, the last few episodes were a bit of a drag and the finale in particular was botched imo, sh*te ending.

    It's draining to watch tbh because none of the Byrd's are likeable, I get that they're probably not supposed to be but that still gets tiresome after a while. The Sopranos was full of murdering mobsters yet the characters were still likeable in their own way. Not the case here. Marty, Jonah, Charlotte and (especially) Wendy, not a single redeemable characteristic between them.

    Disappointed the Byrd's and in particular Wendy, didn't get their comeuppance. Seems a total cop out. Ruth was the only one of the main cast who seemed to be the most decent at heart and deserved a happy ending. I never liked the Byrd son throughout the entirety of the series, I just thought he was a poor character /badly acted, so for the show to end with another one of his moments, ugh.

    Also, Camilla, what the hell was this character? She spoke in a normal voice in her first few scenes when Marty is in Mexico running the show in Omar's absence. Then the veil is lifted and Camilla is revealed as the big villain, and all of a sudden she speaks on this raspy, almost Batman like voice? It was irritating to watch and the actor did a terrible job, it was jarring.

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    Couldn't get my head around the fact Ruth got out of her car with no gun knowing full well she was in some sort of danger. Lazy writing.

    Pretty crap end to a great show.

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    The true victim of the whole series has got to be Three Langmore! He lost literally his entire family and he did feck all to deserve it!

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    I had no clue about that rapper. But the final song she was listening to is a hugely respected song from the early 90s, reminiscing over a friend who died. I thought it was a great choice.

    They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)

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    The ending for me was open ended as in who did Jonah actually shoot.

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    It certainly leaves it open to a further series.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,787 ✭✭✭ Degag

    Just finished this last night.

    Disappointing final season and ending.

    One minute Navarro wants Marty/Wendy dead. 10 mins later they pull something out of the bag and they’re friends again. This cycle pretty much continues every half hour for the whole series.

    And the car crash…. One of the most silly things i’ve seen on a tv show. It’s like the writers wanted to be smart by having a flashforward scene in the first episode but then got to the final episode and realising they couldn’t fit it into the story but had to do it anyway.

    I mean it contributed nothing and they all walked away from a fairly serious crash with NO injury. Got a taxi home ffs.

    And no other car stopped to see if they were ok on a busy motorway

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    there was something else odd about the car crash. I can't remember exactly but they arrive somewhere and had some minor cuts and told somebody (the priest?) that they were in a car accident, and that character was going on like they were cheating death or something, whatever it was the character appearred to be talking like he knew it was a very serious crash, which could have easily killed them, even though the evidence of the minor cuts would make you think otherwise.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,320 ✭✭✭✭ OmegaGene

    why was that odd ? this wasnt the first time the priest had made these comments

    he was a religious nut

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    Tom Pelphrey finally receives an Emmy nomination

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    Finally finished this up. A very abrupt ending and never sure how I feel about those; always leave your audience wanting more I guess. But overall was a slightly disjointed, muddle final season.

    My brain long since checked out when it came to internal logic; the show clearly existed for the purposes of watching the Byrds keep plates spinning while the ground would shake every time a single one was fixed. It was Crisis Management: The Series. That often meant "reality" took a pause purely for the sake of shock & drama - but that's fine. Once I accepted this I lived with it and if nothing else, the show was consistent with those loose dynamics. The "joy" was watching this cast of truly horrible characters try to stay ahead of each other. Many were out and out scenery chewing caricatures, tipping a hat towards that unreality: Darlene was insane, top to bottom; but I loved every scene this psychopath walked into. Her relationship with Wyatt gross but magnetic at the same time.

    I'm sorry Wendy didn't meet a sticky end TBH; perhaps of all the characters her fall was the most pronounced, insofar as once she had a taste of power & violence, she couldn't let go, and even let her own brother fall into the blender. I could just about believe Marty only wanted to get out of the situation he found himself in, however passive he was in reaching for it. Wendy came to love it.

    Ruth's death was a little cheap and lazy, but it was coming. I choose to read her compliance as an acknowledgement of that. She thought she was smarter than the Byrds, the cartel, the corporations; she realised at the last minute she was never going to win that battle.

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    I stopped watching for over a year but have to say the last season hooked me. Sure some of the plots we're a bit ridiculous. The whole premise of the show was . It was good entertainment though. I liked how Julie changed my from a bland nothing character to a cold hearted unlikeable badass.