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Seven Seater Electric Cars

  • 10-04-2022 9:40am
    Registered Users Posts: 4,242 ✭✭✭ brokenangel

    I am sure this has been asked before but just wondering what 7 seaters are available but more interesting what is planned to come out in near future. I have X5 and she is a thirsty beast so looking to replace at some stage in next 2-12months

    Also have a company car coming up and will probably need to go 7 seater as well. Existing car is electric under company car scheme

    So far what I have found

    Nissan NV200 - available - awful looking thing and my wife would never drive it. She wouldn't drive the new Leaf so no chance

    Merc EQQ - available - 70+k and it is quite compact inside. The "cheaper" model is on the long finger in terms of delivery but looks to be the best option at the moment

    VW Buzz - 2023 - haven't seen pricing for 5 seater but 7 seater planned for next year. I love it, wife doesn't. The war is going to impact so I expect delays so might not hit stores till 2024

    Tesla Model Y - 2023 - talked to Tesla and they have no idea when it will arrive, seen the Model Y the other day in town and looks smaller to the EQC so questionable. Delivery times and Tesla are terrible so probably 2024 as well

    Peugeot/Citreon /Opel Zafrira-E - available - it's even sold on carzone as a bus so not really an option. Think it only has a 50kWh battery which is small for the size of it

    Opel Combo-e - available? - was told it was a caddy can with windows by Misses. Which she probably isn't too far off. Seems cheap but every limited information on it.

    Merc EQV - available - again more of a bus than a car.

    I honestly think that is the range of electrics at the moment? as mentioned just wondering what else would be available now or coming soon that, thanks