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Book about disaster involving the Moon

  • 15-02-2022 6:37pm
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    years ago I was a few chapters into a book when I lost it on a trip.

    I had intended to buy another but it just kept going out of my head. The new Emmerich disaster movie put it back in my mind because the book was also called (I though) Moonfall.

    However the only science fiction book I can find called Moonfall is by Jack McDevitt and it isn’t the one I owned.

    In the book there some event where the Moon becomes a danger to Earth - I don’t remember but it is either from an asteroid collision, or the moon suddenly starts getting closer to Earth or dust from the Moon starts to contaminate the Earth (this came into my head as I was typing.

    The main character is a male American scientist and I think the plan is to evacuate the Earth with as many people as possible. Or maybe the plan is to go to the Moon to fix it.

    Honestly I know this is not helpful information but it pecking at the back of my head for weeks.