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Commercial Beef Value

  • 11-02-2022 3:43pm
    Registered Users Posts: 194 ✭✭ Rusheseverywhere

    Looking at the CBV of my cattle and have a mix but luckily heifers over 300 CBV. How are other lads cattle faring? Hoping new BDGP scheme is a mix of CBV and stars as the heifers which are crackers are only 2 star replacement but make good cows. Home bred and I know breeding going back generations. New scheme is 80% 4 or 5 star when it ends ie 2028 and if is strictly off stars I will not be in it even though in current one.


  • Registered Users Posts: 968 ✭✭✭ mr.stonewall

    With the way the stars are rising, a lot of lads are going to struggle to get to the 50% unless using a large chuck of AI. This will have to start early to build up the stars

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    Even using 5 star AI bulls, there’s no guarantee the heifers will be 5 star in 2028.

    Even in current scheme I know of lots who had loads star cows in ordinary years but the same cows dropped to 3 star in the reference years.

    I think there should be no star requirement but all cows need to be calved to count

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    The stars are determined by the euro value. As people are using more and more higher euro value sires, thus lifts the star/euro rating.

    Stars are assigned at each icbf evaluation run according to the euro value of all female beef stock

    • A 1 star is in the 0-20% range of the national herd
    • 2 star is in the 20-40% range of the national herd
    • 3 star is in the 40-60% range of the national herd
    • 4 star is in the 60-80% range of the national herd
    • 5 star is in the 80-100% range of the national herd

    Stars/ euro will have to be assigned to heifers as these are the future cows.

    5 years ago an €80 value would land you in the 5 star bracket, now it is in the 3 star bracket due to more an better maternal genetics being used

    The key is if you want meet the target for the new BDGP/Suckler scheme, greater use of AI will be needed. I read somewhere that only animals bred will count and this will prevent buying in dairy cross heifers. They are already counted in the euro/ stars so this makes it more imperative that a breeding plan is put in place when signing up. Breeding is about small steps forwards with each calf