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WoT series gets greenlight from Amazon



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    First (teaser) poster shown over the weekend - Rosamund Pike as Moiraine . Also a Nov 2021 release date.

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    Teaser trailer is released today

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    Eager to see some live shots of the series now. Have read the series through 3-4 times at this stage.

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    don't love the depiction of the weaves. Feels very slow and green screeny

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    Well what did we think?

    As someone who initially liked these books and then hated them. Path of Daggers is a publishing crime. I quite liked it... Granted my dislike for the series probably means people who liked the series did not enjoy it.

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    I have no knowledge of the books. I was about to start them years ago but then when I heard how the series began to spiral, I didn't bother.

    So I have no dog in the fight. I thought it was reasonably enjoyable. Was fun to see quite traditional Fantasy on TV. I doubt it would pull in any Game of Thrones fans: ("Where is all the TnA? Where are the grim grim GRIM storylines and characters?"). The magical elements were a bit army-wavey and I believe that would put many more casual viewers off (Those who's introduction to Fantasy would be limited to Lord of The Ring movies and GoT series (As opposed to ASoIaF books)).

    But I did find it quite enjoyable if not quite "Must see TV". I enjoyed the relationship between the Aes Sedai and their Wardens and thought that was well portrayed in the fight sequences (Basically giving them room to work). But, again, this is as a NON-reader. This interpretation may be sacrilege to devoted readers, I don't know. It will be interesting to see how well it did. Obviously LoTR is coming with a HUGE budget and huge fanbase, casual and more hardcore. But Amazon also bought a LOT more that wouldn't quite have the brand recognition that these have: The Magician, specifically. Can't exactly fill that with TnA and hardcore violence without offending EVERYONE :)

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    I think it's on a knife-edge at the moment.

    It wasn't a bad first season, good casting and acting. They had a few difficulties to deal with, both with shooting (COVID) and the plot (dealing with Mat's actor leaving).

    There were some writing choices I didn't appreciate, like Perrin's backstory, and irritations like the whole "don't touch anything" in the Blight as she leans against a tree. Very much lacking attention to detail, even given adaption to the small screen. And WOT as a series is full of detail, that's what made it so good.

    Ultimately I think they're going to screw it up. They've already shown that they're not going to fund it properly as the first season really could have done with at least 2-3 more episodes so they didn't have to cram the exposition in. I think they'll underfund season 2 and the audience will peter out. I very much hope to be wrong, as the books deserve a great TV series.

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    It had GoT season 6 level funding per episode; their failure to use that funding in relevant ways is fully on the producer and the production team who could easily have made that stretch to further episodes if needed (GoT was $6 million at season 1; WoT was at $10 million season 1).

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    Really, that makes it worse. That's a serious budget to have, I thought they could have made some different decisions in that case.

    I guess we'll see what happens with S2.

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