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Describe yourself as you are right now.



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    over it
    done crumbling
    copping on

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    in anticipation of tonight's event..

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    Exhausted, livid, dejected.

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    I have NO idea what to make of anything, anymore.

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    excited anxious and relaxed all at the same time lol...

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    I was happy. Had a wonderful weekend surrounded by extended family. Felt so loved and appreciated.

    Achieved something good today and got good feedback. Felt really proud of myself.

    Then my sister dragged me back into her mess. I’m so tired of it and I can’t escape it. I’ve built my boundaries but they’re constantly getting tested. I’m so tired of this. I’m worked on myself for the last few years and I’ve gotten so much stronger but I’m not sure if I’m strong enough for this.

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    Heartbroken. 💔

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    Burnt out



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    no longer young

    not yet old

    (see if anyone spots the reference)

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    Still feel like becoming a hermit.

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    hahaha it's from Beckett's Watt. But you're right, Britney has a similar line somewhere.

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    dreaming of friday.. or holiday lol.. or both

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    Just after eating. Dog kept me company while I ate, salivating over the food and scamming just a few chips.

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    Feeling ok.

    Also letting go of any expectations I had. Not that they were that high.

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    Really, really fu(king sad.

    My de facto stepmother died a few days ago. She had been sick for a long, long time and it finally took her, suddenly and unexpectedly. We had a tumultuous enough relationship to start with but for the past 6 years we had built a bond and I loved her.

    I went to counselling 3 years ago to try and work through the issues I had with her. I’m so, so glad I did. I know she loved me, and I loved her. She had such a joie de vivre and fought desperately to live.

    She made my father so, so happy. He’s lost without her. The dog was so close to her, and is also so lost without her.

    I don’t know what we’ll do without her.

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    Sorry for your loss Salt, may she rest in peace

    Describing me right now

    Too old

    Too ugly

    Too fat

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    Cautiously optimistic. A third date on the books :)

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    Fragile anus.

    I think I might have had food poisoning. Had a takeaway Saturday night.

    Woke up early yesterday morning with an upset stomach and farts galore. Sulfer burps too. That went on all day yesterday and got worse last night. Was in and out of the toilet all day yesterday and last night. I used over a full roll of toilet paper. My arse is raw. Was painful splurting out gas and scutter. Last night all the contents were emptied and it was just whatever liquid is left in my stomach. I was in serious agony but my stomach was rock solid with all the gas inside me.

    I can't think of anything more uncomfortable than sulfer burps. The aftertaste in your mouth. Yuck.

    Thankfully I haven't needed to go to the jacks in a few hours.

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    Pounding head... monday

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    Not too bad. Can't describe how I feel. :)

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    resilient, brave, hopeful