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parkrun, lap two



  • Anyone try this today? If a lot of it is on grass, it could get fairly mucky between autumn and spring.

  • Did Poolbeg this morning....sneaky bast**ds never mentioned the 'hill'. Nice course and friendly volunteers.

  • It's a bit crap that the New Years double is cancelled. It's up to people to be responsible for their own driving. I done it once actually on xmas day and I didn't have to drive violently to do it.

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  • Other than people getting their knickers in a twist about the recent Mini advert that parkrun retweeted, and a couple of daft New Years Doubles that on or two people did, the driving between events wasn't really the main motivation for getting rid of the doubles.

    Just really huge numbers in a few limited events in populated parts of England. There was some potential locally to me for some big numbers in 2020, which ended up being the only New Year's double I ever did. But the events that could have created problems just made sure they all started at the same time so local doubles were not especially viable. There was a lot of events in one city starting at the same time and a bunch of events around another city starting at the other time, so people were dispersed among multiple events and not all heading to the same ones.

  • Darndale doesn't seem to have come back yet. Any word on them?

    Have any others not returned?

  • I'm sure there's a few. Castletown in Celbridge not back yet, but they're getting a new core team in place.

  • Tyrrellstown I think is another who are getting a new core team in place. Seems to be a good few parkruns around Dublin making regular appeals for volunteers each week so that does seem to be a problem for most. It seems to be the same in the UK from looking on social media.

  • I was there. A nice course, but purely for enjoyment as it's not one to chase Pbs on. First 900m plus (three laps) are on the grass, with a long c.700m drag up a service road to end the lap. The organisers say it's a temporary course, the plan being to change it some time after the Euro XC. Grass was ok yesterday, but when the winter weather kicks in it'll be tricky enough to negotiate.

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  • In Cork, the parkrun in Youghal (Pobalscoil na Tríonóide) had their inaugural successfully on Sat with 100 participants despite a nice cold, windy & wet day. Then on Sunday Cobh junior parkrun restarred & looking forward to see Ballincollig junior parkrun back next Sunday.

  • Is there anywhere to find a list of each parkrun's number in order to pick one for the different challenges?

    (I know there is but I can't remember where to find it)

  • Event number for the Wilson Index I presume?

  • Did the new parkrun in Youghal today. Lovely course. Nice to have an option in East Cork

  • Any word on Ballbriggan juniors? Where do you get info about what's happening? Nothing on Ballbriggans social media or Parkrun page

  • New parkrun in Tullamore, along the canal, a bit of an incline for the first half of the run. About 50 odd runners a week so far, a bit surprised at that considering the size of Tullamore harriers, I would have thought that there would be a strong presence from that club

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  • The put something up on facebook last week saying looking to be back at the end of the month.

  • I think Griffeen changed their route recently due to a new bridge which they felt wasn't suitable for the amount of runners they get. Maybe that played a part in the 34 seconds. But also maybe not.

  • I don't think the new course is faster, per se, it's just a bit more comfortable. The new bridge, whilst considered aesthetically pleasing, is too narrow.

  • A question for all the RDs.

    Are you finding it harder to get volunteers post covid? It is something I have seen mentioned at my local one aswell as a few I follow on facebook.

  • I've certainly seen more requests from a few of our local events than we used to see before, and our nearby juniors seems to be really struggling and cancels every third week or so at the moment. That's a big shame as its one of the busier juniors around here yet struggling with getting the marshal numbers.

  • My local parkrun seems to be doing ok with volunteers. Most weeks we seem to be able to fill the roster without putting out any requests, certainly less than would have been put out pre Covid. Also getting quite a few new volunteers, which is reassuring to see.

  • The two junior events I’ve been involved with have always stuggled to fill the roster in advance. It has almost always been OK on the day but parents are much more reluctant to commit in advance, it seems.

  • Yes, we were close to pulling the plug on Friday night as we were short alot of volunteers who had to drop out for various reasons. It nearly the same people each week and when you ask people, they come up with daft excuses like I'm not here next week (and then show up for the next few weeks!). One of the RDs asked someone one week if they could volunteer, they were met by the answer 'no, I can't until I make my 100th'. When asked who many they had to go, they were 45 runs short!! RD yesterday gave a good rant at the briefing yesterday so we are nearly full for the next two weeks but some people are just beyond me why they won't volunteer even once to help out - grinds my gears!

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  • Can't speak from an RD perspective. Noticed the roster has looked sparse on some Friday evenings or afternoons (tokens, scanners). When the ED was RD a few weeks ago and mentioned potential cancellation, that definitely had an impact.